Get to Know Me Day at school

Everybody in The ACN’s class has to bring in five items tomorrow that represent who they are. The items are to be placed in a paper bag. (Presumably the teacher will pull out each item to show the class.)

These are The ACN’s items:

– picture of The Monkey (no doubt posing sillily.)
– nail polish (She LOVES having her toe nails painted.)
– wooden purse (her other grandmother just brought it home to her from the Dominican)
– Pink (Not the spiky-haired pop singer of the same name, but The ACN’s stuffed animal. Pink is a puppy. And he is actually blue. His first name was, in fact, “Blue.” Not sure why she changed it… Pink/Blue/Orange was brought into the family a few years ago when The ACN had her first surgery on her legs. Pink spent the entire time in The ACN’s hospital bed. The nurses even gave Pink his own hospital bracelet, which is still on his front paw.)

– a picture of Unc!!

When I was told of my inclusion, I said, “You’re not going to tell the kids in your class that Unc is a pain in the butt, are you?”


0 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Day at school

  1. I can’t wait till your own kids bust your balls. It will be like busting your balls yourself.

    She’s so cute, and so in love with her Unc!

  2. clink: We come from a family of pickers. But, this next generation really have it down to an art. We could probably come up with a few sitcom episodes from my archives alone!

    al&af: Busting my own balls… You are blowing my mind a little right now. I'm a bit afraid of what my offspring would be like. And thanks, she really does love me. Which, as I'm sure you know, I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of.

  3. Word’s out with all the young, young girls that Uncle Pete is a big pain in the butt!
    So, naturally, they will all love you, too.
    Damn us girls and our bad boy fantasies!
    ACN rocks.

  4. What an awesome kid. And it reminded me of my sister when she was little. She named every single doll and stuffed animal “Sasha”.

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