get the party going on the dancefloor

I strode up towards the door.
I was feeling it.
Hair looked good.
Clothes looked good.
It was one of those nights.
You know?
Chicken I had for dinner was a little questionable.
But, I was ignoring that.
I was feeling it.
The Jam was being Pumped Up inside
old-school style.
I pulled out my VIP pass —
since I am v i.
V v i.
Then I saw her.
A shiny golden under-dressed nugget,
shivering in the line-up.
Then I heard myself —
sounding oddly like Sam Elliott —
“She’s with me,”
The bouncer waved her in.
She was confused, but followed.
“Thank you!”
“No problem.”
She shivered.
I bought her a drink.
She removed her (obviously summer) jacket.
I gasped
at the dress
a little.
“Are you a manwhore?”
“Me? No.”
“Is it possible that my sister picked you up here
last month?”
“Anything is possible in the world of magic.”
“World of what?”
“Sometimes I just talk to hear my voice.”
I was mostly charming.
Like 78%.
She was a little standoffish.
Very practiced,
Very comfortable,
with it though.
A group of “Whoo! I’m SO wasted”s
knocked her into me.
She stayed.
I smiled.
Breasts on my arm.
hand on my thigh.
You know, for balance.
I unnecessarily leaned into her ear to speak.
Flirty words.
Feigned shock.
Smile belied my coolness.
Sparkling eyes flew in the face
of her I’vehearditallbefore-ness.
A drink reached for,
a kiss stolen.
Then another.
And another.
Her head on my shoulder.
A long exhale escaped my lips.
Composures mostly regained.
“I am going to let you take me home tonight,
but you are really going to have to work for it.
REALLY work.”
I smiled, as I sometimes do.
“The sister you mentioned,
is SHE here tonight?”

0 thoughts on “get the party going on the dancefloor

  1. you write this stuff for the “shock” value, right?

    that said – I do hope this one is true… you know, for you and that whole “it would be so nice if some great girl snagged this guy soon” thing.


  2. Fantastic doodle. Fantastic ending. But, I must say, I’m a bit jealous. I want to be the girl with her breasts on your arm, damn it!

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