General Days of Our Bold Passions & the Restless

Have you ever wondered what toys do when you leave them alone all day? Personally I like to imagine them living out their own little lives. Perhaps as if they are in their own soap opera…


“Cassie, my darling, I don’t think that we are going to be able to make this work. We are from entirely different worlds.”

“Plus, the not being anatomically correct thing is a bit of a downer.”

So, ET and Cassie went on about their days in quiet desperation.

“My milkshake DOES bring all the boys to the yard.”

“Oh, Dave Barry, you scamp!”


“I can’t take this any longer. I am sleeping with BT — your EVIL twin!!”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that there was much sleeping involved. Mwuhahahahahahah! You can tell that I’m the evil twin because of my black goatee.”

“I am shocked. SHOCKED! But, I too have a confession. I am sleeping with Sassie — YOUR evil twin.”

“He wears his socks to bed.”

“Uhm, I slept with her also.”

“Yeah, me too.”

With all of the secrets out in the open, ET & Cassie had to turn their attention to the big board meeting at ET’s family’s cosmetics company. There were rumours of a takeover bid.

“Cassie, are you ready for the board meeting of my family’s cosmetics company? There are rumours of a takeover bid.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“I would.”

“Dad!?!?! I thought that you were in a coma.”

“Really? I thought that he was just a heavy sleeper.”

“I was in a coma, but someone made sweet love to me and it woke me up.”

“Don’t look at me, I was in Paris.”

“I thought that I felt something.”

“It was I who slept with ET Sr. I figured with a guy in a coma there wouldn’t be any of that annoying cuddling afterwards.”

“Call me.”

“Me too.”

“I think that I need to lie down.”

What will become of the cosmetics company? Will ET and Cassie find a way to work things out? The answers to these questions – and six more – on the next episode of “General Days of Our Bold Passions & the Restless.”

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  1. I’m glued to this channel! Wow, plot twists, surprise guest stars, tons of sex! Good god I need to sit down and breathe.

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