The ACN now prefers to have her pigtails referred to as “pretty horns.” (With an assist to HRC.)

Also, ACN would now prefer to be called “Kitty Cat.”

She brought her panda named “L’il Oreo.” She also has an “Oreo” panda. And a “Pierre Trudeau” panda.

She had been here only 14 hours when she decided that I have to go back to The Unc Store. Which, if you knew me, would be VERY surprising, as my delightfulness is quite obvious.

0 thoughts on “FYI

  1. I have said it before but I shall say it again… the ACN, sorry, Kitty Cat ROCKS! A mere twitch of that little finger around which she has you wrapped and she could have you dancing a jig wearing a tutu I’m sure!

  2. LOOOOOOOOVE the pretty horns! And Lil Oreo!

    Hope Kitty Cat kept the receipt from The Unc Store! (30 day returns for defects, lifetime warranty on parts?) ;)

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