Fun With The ACN

Upon arriving, she followed through with her promise to share her cold with me for Xmas. We were sitting on the couch when she started kissing my cheek.

Uncle Pete: Are you giving me kissies to share your cold?

ACN: Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Uncle Pete: You are!

ACN: Tee hee mwah!


The ACN was cuddling in the big La-Z-Boy chair. Nipper walked up and dropped her Wubba next to the ACN. The ACN hugged the toy. Nipper stuck her head in and gave The ACN a kiss on the face and then wandered off.


The ACN told her parents (and later me) that she wished she had gone to visit her godmother and her godmother’s puppy (Spencer) for Xmas instead of coming to see me. And when I made a sad face about it, she giggled and giggled.

And giggled.


I am currently still allowed to get my Xmas presents.

That hasn’t been the case for her entire visit.

She arrived and said that I wasn’t getting any presents because I am a bad boy.

But, then…

Gave her a hug — Peter getting presents!

Didn’t get out of bed soon enough (in her estimation) to let puppy out — No presents for Peter!

Wanted Unc to feed her breakfast — Peter getting presents!

Unc didn’t have exactly what she wanted for breakfast — No presents for Peter! And he isn’t allowed to attend family gift opening.

ACN wants to play Webkinz – Peter getting presents!

Trouble in the middle east – No presents for Peter!

6 thoughts on “Fun With The ACN

  1. hey, it’s her world, you’re just livin in it.

    which, probably, means that even if she lets you open your presents, she gets to have them.

  2. camikaos: I just made it back onto her good list as the present opening began.

    lspoon: It took a lot of convincing!

    mindy: Fickle AND loves to torture me. She’s a prodigy.

    tia: At one point she was giving my presents to Nipper.

    airam: Right back at ya!

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