Friday night a small community in eastern Nova Scotia raised $75,000 with a Cancer Society Relay For Life.

This is almost $20,000 more than they raised last year in their first ever Relay.

Last year’s $56,000, was $20,000 more than what people in the Nova Scotia offices of the Canadian Cancer Society expected.

Some people in the offices expected last year’s event to raise $10,000.


They don’t understand Cape Breton.


They didn’t anticipate a woman in her mid-50s walking around all night until blood vessels burst like mad in her leg.

They didn’t realize that people from all over the area would donate so much food, time, and their services to make sure that the people walking would be well taken care of.

They didn’t know that a group of twelve would get up at 4:00 am to cook a celebratory breakfast for everyone involved.

The rep they sent from head office didn’t believe that when the ogranizing committee came up $1700 short of their $75,000 goal, that the passing of a hat would put them over the top.

It did.

No one expected an area with a population less than 5000, would be able to sell 2000 luminaries.

They were.

Everyone who attended saw 9 year olds walking hand in hand with 60 years olds, giving everyone hope that the next generation would see the importance of this event.

Everyone who attended saw the tears of joy and pride in the eyes of the survivors – in their bright yellow t-shirts – when they walked outside to make their victory lap and were met by hundreds of cheering team members.

Too few people know the stories of local businesspeople writing cheques to make sure that Survivors were celebrated as they should be – with flowers and a delicious meal.

Too few people REALLY know how hard the committee worked to make this event the success that it was.

But, the people that do realize are thanking and hugging these organizers enthusastically.

Friday night a small community in eastern Nova Scotia raised $75,000 with a Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Next year they’ll aim higher.

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