Flip-off Friday

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I don’t know this girl.

But, does anyone REALLY know anyone else?

Well, I suppose, relatives know each other. And couples that have been together forever.

But, other than that… does anyone really know anyone else?

I am going to call her “Andrea.”

Just ’cause…

I love the double bird-flipnicity of this picture. Though she should have her thumbs stuck out a bit on each hand, like little teacup handles. (See Eminem in 8 MILE and Jen Jen Aniston in OFFICE SPACE for proper bird-flipping technique.)

Andrea is pretending that she doesn’t like having her picture taken. She really does. She just doesn’t want other people knowing that she enjoys it. (Like some people with reality TV… or masturbation.)

Andrea wears that neckplace to try to pretend that she’s a bad-ass.
She is not. She did once shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. But, who hasn’t at this point?

Andrea’s been hurt before. Hence the gun/heart motif. She tells herself – and anyone that will listen – that it won’t happen again. It will.

I think it was Charles Darwin who first made note of the fact that any attempts to “scare off predators will always be undone by making cute scrunchy faces.”

Andrea’s favourite song is The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love.” It doesn’t bother her that her music snob friends say it isn’t a “real” Cure song. She also has fourteen Duran Duran songs on her ipod. She doesn’t give much of a shit what you think of that either. But, she’d NEVER admit that she has that Celine Dion song from TITANIC on there.

I don’t blame her.

So, this is Andrea.

I like her hat.

0 thoughts on “Flip-off Friday

  1. You’re right. We don’t REALLY know anyone. Not even friends or family.

    I think the only knowing can come from genuine intimacy, but then, things can be hidden there too.

    I guess at the end of the day, we really only know ourselvs and some of us have a hard enough time doing that much.

  2. steph: Your comment freaked me out a little. That’s exactly where my head was this morning. Of course, I tried to disguise it with Johnny Cash lyrics and cute girl picture looking atting.

  3. I just wish I had a middle claw to flip. I am confident it would get a lot of use!

    As for the knowing people? I immediately think of the Johari Window, wherein everything falls into one of four quadrants.

    But then I guess you probably didn’t want a homework assignment from your post.

  4. Now there’s an idea. Just go up to random strangers, constructing an identity and history for them along the way, and greet or converse with them based entirely on your made-up knowledge of them. That sounds keen.

    no wait, that’s what got me thrown in the room with padded walls that one time… uh, nevermind.

  5. I LOL'ed at this, Peter! "…like little teacups" LOL! (<–See?) Then I looked at the pic again and realized how odd it looked without her thumbs visible!

    I like Dane Cook’s SuFi! Where one middle finger just isn’t enough…

  6. k-m: Now even my comments are educational!

    James: Stealing pics from flickr is much less likely to get you a punch in the head. ;)

    @nn: Welcome! I can’t figure pout what to make of Dane Cook. I see one thing and he’s funny. I see something else and he’s horrifically not. I’ll look up this SuFi of which you speak.

  7. Indeed. In fact, stealing photos from flickr is a significant part of my blog. I’d be nowhere if not for public domain photographs.

    (not that I’m really anywhere significant now actually…)

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