Flip-off Friday #7

“If a broken clock is right twice a day,
Why does it always feel like the wrong time?”

She wondered in her new song.

It was about him.

He’ll know it’s about him the minute he hears it.

If he hears it.

If she finishes it.

The end of the relationship was civil enough. But, things have gone downhill since.

“You slept with my good friend.
Now no friend, but I hope she’s good and worthy.
She’s always had a dirty mind.
Now she’s out of her mind, but I know she’s still dirty.”

He hates this belt.

At the end he said that he just didn’t care enough. That was the worst thing she had ever heard.


Why does he keep coming to her shows? Standing in back. Watching.

“The phone rings.
I hope it’s you, even though I’ve been burned.
I hate myself.
For following what I’m told, not what I’ve learned.”

Shit. The phone is ringing again.

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