Flip-off Friday #5

Middle Finger
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This was the night I met “Melody.”

Initially she thought that I was somebody else.

I thought that she was delightful.

We disagreed on everything. Politics. Religion. Tattoos. Music. Sports. Movies. TV. (She didn’t own one!!!)

But, I told her how much I liked her shirt.

That was enough for her.

We danced. Her cutely. Me baaaaaaaaaaaadly.

She found that charming. I blame her vodka and cranberry.

We sat and tried to talk over the din.

I have no idea what she said, but her smile was amazing.

We are going to get together for breakfast.

Right after someone posts our bail.

We were kind of in the middle of a little bar brawl. 100 people. 25 cops. 6 paddywagons. Broken windows. Thrown chairs.

That chick in the black shirt realllly should not have gotten Melody mad by punching her in the face.

Ooooh, I hope that we go to iHop.

And —

Oh, sorry. Kanye West has interrupted this post and told me that if I don’t choose him as my “Flip-off Friday” subject that this entire blog “loses credibility.”

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