Flip-off Friday #3

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Agnes de Mille once said, “No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.”

“Patrick” is about to make one of those important life decisions.

He doesn’t even know it.

Patrick has been living on the streets for 16 months.

He tries to give off the impression of being oh so hard, but every minute of every day, he fears for his own safety.

Most people that live on the street have few to no options. They have nothing to lose.

That’s not the case with Patrick. And that is what keeps the fear alive in him.

His family would take him back. At least once a month, his mother comes looking for him. She usually finds him. She always has warm chicken soup and a pair of mittens.

Even in August.

And she cries. Every. Single. Time.

His father never comes.

His relationship with his father is such a cliché that he hates to even think about it. Too alike. Too stubborn. Too proud.

A game of emotional chicken that is tearing apart a family.

But, Patrick is tired. And cold. And profoundly sad.

A big reason Patrick left home is because his father wanted him to act “more like a man.” And now when he is being as strong as he can, he wants his father to notice it. He wants credit.

His father has been trained – by his own father – to try to make Patrick “a man.” But, he has no idea how to handle him when/if he becomes one.

Patrick wants to go home.

Patrick needs his father to blink first.

Earlier today, Patrick made a bold move. He broke into his family home and stole a coin from his father’s collection.

His father’s favourite coin. It had been in the family for four generations.

Patrick’s father cherishes this coin.

And now Patrick stands outside of a sketchy pawn shop.

His plan is to pawn the coin and hop a bus to L.A.

“Check and mate, old man.”

Patrick has been standing outside of this sketchy pawn shop for 45 minutes.

Pawning it would be a big F-U to his father. Patrick knows it. Pawning it would also be a final straw. Patrick knows that too.

As Patrick ponders his decision, two strung-out thugs load an old pistol in an alley down the block.

They are going to rob a sketchy pawn shop.

In exactly 6 minutes they are going to shoot everyone inside.

Patrick is about to make one of those important life decisions.

He doesn’t even know it.

0 thoughts on “Flip-off Friday #3

  1. I must know the rest.

    Does Patrick go in and pawn the item?
    Does he get shot?
    Does he stop the shooters, and if so, how?
    Does he suddenly discover superpowers and face a moral dilemma to use them for good or evil? For personal gain or for the greater good?
    Do things change with his family as a result of the events to follow.

    Must. Know. More.

  2. I second James. I have a feeling that he’ll stand there in indecision for such a long time that the thungs push him to the pavement before running past him into the pawnshop. His fall causes him lose the coin to a nearby sewer grate. He stands just in time to see the thugs kill everyone inside. Fearing for his life and his coin, he moves the grate and jumps down the sewer to find his coin. Patrick is swept away once he hits the water by a gigantic wave that carries him beneath the city, several states, and dumps him into the Caribbean. A beautiful native rescues him and feeds him coconut milk and tequilas to nurse him back to health. They marry a week later on a cruise ship.

    What kind of ending is that Peter????

  3. Maybe if we all jump up and down at the same time, we can shove the earth off its axis and we’ll all tumble towards china, dooming humanity, but saving patrick, at least in the short term.

    Actually, I’ve never been known for my great plan-hatching abilities.

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