#thepetecast 1 – Mikael edition!


I’ve wanted to do a podcast here on the site for ages. I even discussed doing one with Jenn, but we both got too busy with other projects. So the other day I brought up the idea semi-publicly and had some folks quickly volunteer to be guests. That was the little kick in the butt the project needed and here we are!

Our first guest is the lovely and talented Mikael!


We talk about writing, blogging, VEDA, her singing, Twitter, the incestuousness of blogging communities, waffles, finding loooooove online and so much more!

Things I have learned from this podcast:

– If you’re tired when making a podcast, you’ll sound tired to people listening to your podcast.

– When discussing Brandgasm, I may refer to the girl who isn’t Nicole or Jamie as “the middle finger chick” and completely blank on her name twice, even though SHE HAS THE SAME NAME AS MY GIRLFRIEND!

– Belgians take a bit of a beating.

– I finally got comfy just as we were wrapping up.

– I’m going to get better at these.

– Mikael is an awesome guest. (And tech guru and editor.)

– Making a podcast is so friggin’ fun!


20 thoughts on “#thepetecast 1 – Mikael edition!

  1. It was so much fun! Just because of our random tangent… what do you think of Writing on Waffles or Waffling on Writing as a title? ;) Just an idea, haha.

    Thanks for having me! Looking forward to listening to the other guests.

  2. FUN! I started listening, but I have to run. Guess I’ll finish it up later. Beauty of podcasts – we can take you “to go” now! :P

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