finding love in the blog world!

When my ‘in real life’ male friends complain about being single, I always give them the same reply.

“Start a blog.”

I tell them about the female-to-male ratio. (Wowzers!) I tell them about all the great women bloggers I know. I share links. I tell them how it can be an amazing way to meet women. None of those first date games. Read her. Get to know her. Find out if she’d be a good fit for you, and vice versa.

They typically just nod and look away. They change the subject. “Soooo. You think Taylor Swift and that dude are ever, ever getting baaaack together? ” Essentially they dismiss the entire concept.

Then they see Ashley and say, “Tell me more about this blog-ing thingy.”

So this is a little primer for my friends, as well as anyone who is single and open to the idea of using the blog world to find love.

“How to find love in the blog world”

– Read a lot of blogs. A lot. And read the comments. If a person leaves a clever comment, follow them home to their own blog to learn more about them. Though you probably shouldn’t describe it as “following them home.”

– Remember that it could be his/her place to vent. Keep that in mind. They might not be like that every day. It’s like only ever seeing a girl at the gym and thinking, “Wow. She’s ALWAYS sweaty.”

– As a blogger, keep in mind what you’re putting out there. If you really are complaining all the time, it will definitely impact the type of readers you get. So mix in some smut!

– If you read her/his entire blog, in one sitting, don’t tell them. Especially if you were also crocheting a blanket with their face on it.

– Flirty, playful comments are an awesome first step. FYI: “That post makes me want to lick the entirety of your face,” is more of a second step comment.

– Replying to flirty, playful comments on your blog by email can really get conversations going. Emails lead to texts lead to phone calls lead to Skype lead to loooooooooooooooove. Trust me. It’s science.

– Once you are BOTH vibing, “Like” their stuff. Instagram. Facebook. Wherever. Even if it is a photo of some dish that you wouldn’t try on a bet. And the food looks like hippos have already eaten it. And made love in it. Like the pic.

– Write about them. Now I’m not recommending posts titled “I want to grate my cheese on his abs” or “She has an ass like a ripe tangerine.” At first. But mention them. Or sneakily sneak in an inside joke.

And if you’re a dude, write about feelings. It really makes you stand out!

If you’re a chick, post photos of yourself wearing boots. Boots!

– Once you get them interested, refer to How to Treat a Woman and How to Treat a Man for tips!

– Decide early on in your relationship just how much info each of you are comfy sharing online. Even though you’re an open book, she may not be super comfy with you telling the world that “U By Kotex rocks her socks.”

– Bask in being in the relationship! Don’t worry about what others think. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship that they weren’t excited enough about to scream it from the Twitter rooftops?

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12 Responses

  1. Candace says:

    This is all kinds of awesome! It’s like a new version of online dating websites. It’s blogging. Thanks for the advice. Note to self: Write sexy blog posts.

  2. Lauren says:

    Peter, this is brilliant! I wish more people would understand that strong relationships (of all kinds) can grow from writing/commenting on a blog. :)

  3. Arielle says:

    So all I need to do is post a picture of me wearing boots? And the single male bloggers will come running? Damn yo. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?

  4. ameena says:

    Peter, Cupid of the Internets!

    I like it.

    So wait, should I not give him the face-blanket on the first date?

  5. Cat says:

    after dealing with a string of men who decided I was a dreamsicle before we met in person, only to discover that they did not know what to do with the real, live girl, I would recommend that reading posts not replace actual discussions about needs and expectations in life and love. just sayin. ;)

  6. kim says:

    i’m dying. best post all week.
    i’ve been coming back to look at your 20 pieces advice on several occasions.
    this one just made my life, especially this:
    Once you are BOTH vibing, “Like” their stuff. Instagram. Facebook. Wherever. Even if it is a photo of some dish that you wouldn’t try on a bet. And the food looks like hippos have already eaten it. And made love in it. Like the pic.


    also, boot pictures. noted.

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