Finally the blue jammies with penguins!

Thursday with the ACN…

– Any time socks are put on or taken off, a foot rub must occur. It could be a long foot rub, or just a quick one. She’ll let you know. Clearly.

– Today he was wearing a cute long-sleeve t-shirt (that looks like it is a short sleeve over a long sleeve) that says “You crack me up” on the front and has pics of three giggling raccoons on the back.

– She put said t-shirt on at 1:45 pm, because she felt like lounging in her comfy Dora the Explorer jammies for most of the day.

– ACN helped me with baking this afternoon and with cooking supper. We’ve decided that when ACN and Unc cook together, everything tastes, “Mmm mmm yummy!” (*Pete rubs his tummy*) But, if Unc cooks by himself, it tastes like “Nipper poop.”

– She originally wanted to let me cook by myself today, so that she could laugh at my food tasting like “Nipper poop.”

– When she cooks with me, she wants to eat some of whatever it is, right away.

– ACN is in charge of carrying all the ingredients and utensils to the counter. She loves it. She LOVES helping. (She dries dishes too.) However, she eventually gets bored and sometimes when we get to the counter, I ask for the item and she says “No” and won’t give it to me. Then she giggles.

– ACN picks her own jammies. Finally tonight I talked her into wearing the cute blue ones with the penguins. She knows that I like them, so she refuses to wear them each night. Tonight she finally relented… and then refused to let me put the pants on her. (And, yes, more giggles ensued.)

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  1. When she carries all of the ingredients and utensils, does she do it a la Rachael Ray and just make one trip? That would be quite the skill at her age.

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