Et tu, Cassie?

Adorably Cute Niece (ACN) and Cassie (from “Dragon Tales.” Duuuuh.) were playing in ACN’s bed this morning. They were giggling, so I asked ACN if they were sillies. She shook her head “No.” I asked, “Is Uncle Pete a silly?” She yelled “Yeeeeeeeah!” I said, “Cassie, is Uncle Pete a silly?” ACN replied – in a quieter voice – “Yeah.”

I said, “You guys are picking on Uncle Pete. *sniffle*” ACN cracked up. She was howling.

Later on ACN was sitting in her wheelchair (aka Chairy) and colouring with Uncle Pete. Well she was colouring AND having fun pushing her little feet against my chair and sending herself rolling across the room. She loves the *thud* when Chairy hits the door. Or the wall. Or someone standing there.

ACN is very picky about what she wants to colour. I showed her every picture in the book at least 7 times before asking, “Do you just like making Uncle Pete show you every picture again and again.” She gave me a sheepish little grin and started giggling.

Then when we’d finally pick a picture to colour, she wouldn’t let me pick the colour of marker to use. And she didn’t want to pick them herself. Cassie would have to pick them. (ET is in another room because he is bad and pinches bums and makes little girls yell.) I’d pick up the yellow marker and ask ACN if she wanted that one. She’d shake her head vigourously. I’d ask if she wanted me to check with Cassie. “Yeah!” So I’d say, “Cassie, what colour? Oh, yellow?” and ACN would agree.

After doing this about ten times, I turned to ACN and whispered, “Hey, isn’t Cassie a bit of a bossypants.” ACN looked at me and said a low “Yeah.” Then we both giggled.

It is MUCH more fun to be a picker than a pickee.

0 thoughts on “Et tu, Cassie?

  1. Haha, she really does put the Adorable in the “ACN” :-)

    Perhaps you should put up some of your collaborative works of art. Give us all a chance to see which pictures ACN chose and which colors Cassie approved.

  2. Ah, the old refrigerator art display. Truly a greater honor did not exist than to have one’s work fastened to the fridge by a novelty magnet.

    Someday, whenever I get around to that whole having children business, I’m going to have to make sure to get a large refrigerator :-)

  3. Good plan!

    The fridge here is located next to a doorway, so that both the front and one side are available for display purposes.

    It is all about being a good fridge curator.

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