I am busy today and wasn’t going to take the time to post anything. But, you look so darn cute when you read my site.

No, not you. And put some damn pants on.

I am talking to YOU.

I’d like to tell you all that I am super busy working on writing projects that could potentially earn me some cash. And that is true. But, there is something else that is occupying my thoughts and monopolizing my time. (I mean besides the voting snafu on “Rockstar: Supernova” last night that could potentially negatively impact my boy Lukas.)

I am completely bogged down with preparations for…

My fantasy basketball league.

I’m not kidding.

I have put more effort into this than I put into:
1) picking a university
2) studying at said university
3) most relationships
4) any job
5) blog posts.


Well, maybe not #5. But, I have been working hard.

This is not an ordinary fantasy league that you would do in your office, or with your college buddies. This is hardcore.

It is a “keeper league.” We’ll be using real NBA salaries. There’ll be a two-tier salary cap system. We’ll have 3 drafts to start the league. (Creation, 2006 Entry & Amnesty.)

I know that the eyes of the non-sports fans have already started glossing over. I won’t feel bad if you go to another site now. Well, not TOO bad. *sniffle*

I am working on various lists for each postion. I have to factor in ages, injury histories and their contracts. And I am one of the least intense guys in the league. Some dudes have created formulas to crunch player stats to come up with their draft lists. A couple of of them even got help from actual statisticians. I shit you not.

Why are we doing this? Mostly because we’ve all wanted to run sports franchises. And a lot of these dudes probably could. I mean, we’d all do a fuck of a lot better job than Isiah Thomas with the (evil) Knicks.

Currently I have the #2 pick in the main creation draft. That’s the big one. I could stay where I am and grab Dwyane Wade. I could. Or I could trade back a little, get a good player and maybe grab another pick in the second or third rounds. I have interest in Chris Bosh and Chris Paul later in the first round.

Either of those scenarios could happen.

BUT, when I’m this close to #1, I have to take a run at it.

I contacted the guy with the #1 pick about a potential deal. He said he was open to discussion. Then he mentioned a framework for a deal that would involve my 2007 first round pick. I don’t like this idea. Next year could be a HUGE draft with Greg Oden potentially declaring from Ohio State.

So, I send back a counter-offer. I rushed it and completely low-balled him. Now, I knew I was low-balling him somewhat, but once I really thought about it, I knew he’d immediately turn it down. And he did. And he sounded a little annoyed.


So, I immediately wrote back with a deal that would be much more beneficial to him. We’d swap #2 for #1 and he’d get my 3rd round pick, while I got his 4th round pick.

It’s been 24 hours and he hasn’t replied. I am stressed.

It is very possible that he just hasn’t been online. But, I am thinking, “Did I annoy him TOO much?” “Is he getting better offers?” “Is the colour of this t-shirt making me look pale?”

I really want to say “With the #1 overall pick, the Cape Breton Barbarians select…”

(That’s right. I had to represent the Cape.)

I should mention that the object of my affections at #1 overall is LeBron James. Now, Dwyane Wade is no slouch. I suspect that he’d be the consensus #2 pick. But, he is 2 or 3 years older than LeBron. And he seems to be perpetually banged up. And with Shaq looking older and older by the day, he’ll have to force the issue more. This could lead to higher scoring numbers, but the wear and tear on his body might be too much. Especially considering he played in the NBA Finals and is now playing in the World Championships.

I just have a bad feeling about Wade. And historically, the players I take in fantasy leagues tend to have career worst years… or they tear the living shit out of their knees in the first game of the season.

Hmmmm… Maybe I should draft all Knicks players.

So, I guess alls I can do is sit and wait.

Oh yeah… And do some actual work writing, I suppose.

Update: As I was posting this, a trade went down and another dude got the #1 overall pick. Much to my chagrin. It is one of the most convoluted deals in the history of sports. Like 12 draft picks, spread across the three different drafts, and a quick lefty handjob on draft day. (I am speculating about that last part.)

0 thoughts on “Effort

  1. Good stuff as usual Pete, though you may have revealed too much. Let’s just say that Chris Paul is quite high on my list too.
    I’ve got three guys in mind at #9, that dude who couldn’t keep his pants on in Colorado is tops on the list, but I highly suspect he’ll go top 5.

    Trade proposal for you since I don’t have your MSN or anything.
    34 for 40 in the first draft and 2 in amnesty for 14

    (Chris Paul won’t be around at 34 or 40 so don’t let that affect your decision :)

  2. Hey Ryan –

    I forgot that some of my enemies could be reading this. Diabolical! ;)

    My msn is pete_dewolf@hotmail.com, feel free to add away.

    You know, I think I’d do that deal. (Though I am still having a hard time guessing who will be available in the amnesty draft.)

  3. We don’t do fantasy basketball (even though that human of mine played all through college and coached the sport for six years!) as she has some secret grudge against professional basketball. If it were college basketball, I think she’d be more likely to participate.

    Fantasy football is the big deal for her and another friend of her’s at the office. The two of them talk like their men at the local bar swapping beers. When football season starts, it’ll be 7:00 am Mass to pray for the Steelers and then spaghetti dinner for everyone by noon every Sunday!

  4. and since I just read the rest of the post.. go NCAA. that’s where all the cool kids are. Sheesh.

    damn beer. gets me every. single. time.

  5. zeus: I am also in a fantasy football league too, but it is much less intense. just a straight-up yahoo pool.

    sara: You can’t go pantsless around me without my noticing. Sheesh.

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