a fly whizzes by my nose
so i swat and growl
king kong style yo
standing on the deck
wiggling my toes
looking at the harbour
realizing again
for the first tine
the sun always shines brighter
down on the lighthouse
even when you
whomp me on the head
with your newspaper
sunday edition!
as you walk by
and back into the house
i run my hand through
my now flattened bed spikes
you giggle
i hear you
i eventually forgive you
and go find you trying
to finish a cross word puzzle
i solve the last clue
doesn’t mean you’re smarter
you say
i agree
in that way i do
that infuriates
imma make you breakfast today
i say
you seem unconvinced
something i never made before
from a recipe i found
on the in-ter-net
you oooooooh
as you should
i turn the music up
i cook
you bust six or seven moves
poor bastards
you sit
i serve
i sit
i realize i forgot
your tea on the counter
you say you’ll get it
i like your butt
i eat my toast
you sip your drink
the best games of footsies
start out as accidents
you’re still not smarter
you remind
i grin
you grrrrr
i chomp chomp
you nom nom
i look
you mmmmmmm
i smile
i run my hand through my hair
and try to bring back
some bed spikes

One thought on “easy

  1. Je le love, Peterrr. (That’s me talking in my French accent. I”m not going to lie: it’s a really good French accent.) Love the bit about the butt and the ‘nom nom’ in particular. ‘Nom nom’ is such a funny phrase.

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