dopey writings

My body woke up early this morning.

Very early.

My best guess is that it was protesting the fact that I wasn’t dreaming enough.

About you.

I’ve made up for the slight ever since.

The sunlight — after many days of rain — is forcing its way in around the blind on my bedroom window. The light is showing off by going through the empty glass on my bedside table and projecting itself in a more interesting pattern against my wall. The illumination equivalent of a push-up bra. It wants my attention.

My thoughts are elsewhere.

Birds chirp. Others reply. Seemingly with the wrong answers.

A fishing boat unloads in the near distance.

And I miss you.

I close my eyes. That makes it easier to see.

I pull my covers up to my ear, to hide from the reality that you’re not here.

It works about as well as you’d imagine.

I’m done sleeping for today. I know that now. But I hope that you’re deep in slumber.

Time is the only real difference between us.

I imagine lifting the covers and letting you slide under with me.

I clothe you in my mind — in a white babydoll — only for the opportunity to deliberately undress you.

Stunning curves. Messy hair.

All mine.

My brain is almost locking up while trying to figure out what I’m going to do with you first.

I want you. You know this.

I want to kiss.

I want to caress.

I want to introduce soft to hard.

I run my hand over my stubbly face. I wonder how your smooth skin will like it.

I want to kiss more.

All over you.


I want to look up and see you watching me.

Making your back arch.

Making your delicious skin goose bump.

I want to hear you take a deep breath and exhale so slowly, saying “finally” much clearer than the word itself ever could.

Naked destiny satisfied.

I want you to roll over on top of me.

I need to feel skin on skin today.

Every day.

I want you to play with my hair.

My goal-oriented hands sliding slowly down your back.

I want you to rub my face, as if lightly marking your territory.

My lips gently kissing yours, to make sure they’re really there.

I want to look into each others eyes. Memorizing.

And when we can finally say absolutely anything we want…

I want us to be quiet.

9 thoughts on “dopey writings

  1. This further confirms my belief that the best writing occurs in the first hour after waking or the first hour before sleeping.

    It is the most honest and least filtered. Your brain isn’t aware enough to care what other people think.

  2. Hi there Wolf…

    “I want to hear you take a deep breath and exhale so slowly, saying “finally” much clearer than the word itself ever could.”

    Best lines in a while… maybe a long while… maybe since I’ve been reading your words… or any. That last two lines were on point as well.

    You have definitely been on top of your game lately, and that’s sayin’ something.



  3. Subliminal messaging at its best.

    Hmmm … What I loved about this post was the little details you included e.g. “A fishing boat unloads in the near distance”. It makes it so much easier to imagine that I there with you.

    Also … love the new look. It’s clean, simple and elegant. Going to pics the cartoon header though …

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