Don't just sit there and ruminate…

So, I don’t really feel like posting anything today. I’m not very chatty.

But, it’s not you. It’s me.

Well, maybe it’s a little bit you.

Who the hell knows?

I will tell you that I recently discovered this site:

I’ve been using it to track down rare songs that have been tough to find as mp3s.

One of these songs is a Canadian classic, The Gandharvas “First Day of Spring.” A song I love to listen to every year on, well, the first day of spring.

I realize that is not today. But, if it makes you feel any better, I did crank GnR’s “November Rain” on my iPod this morning. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, as I also listened to The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love.”

I can think of at least two things wrong with that title.

“First Day of Spring” always reminds me of an apartment I lived in during university. (Not THE apartment that I’ve blogged about in the past.)

We lived on the top floor of a big house that was divided into 5 apartments. And directly below us there was a bit of a Three’s Company situation going on. A blonde girl, a brunette girl and a dude of indeterminate sexual affiliation.

The brunette had one of the top ten best faces I have ever seen in real life — if she was a bit thin. So, I had a little crush on her. And, as was my custom at the time, I was working on my seduction by osmosis plan.

Hoping that by being in the same space, something will just happen.

I know, right?

The male roomie down there had a thing about playing the same song all day long. And one of these songs was, of course, “First Day of Spring.” And since I loved it, I was cool with that.

Even my roomies didn’t mind. However, one of my roomies was dating a girl… The EVIL Megan that I mentioned yesterday. In the pantheon of people I hate, she’d be nestled between J-Lo and the dude that created “Family Guy.”

Megan would often be alone in our apartment, and we later found out she would stomp on the floor like a mad woman any time our underneath neighbours turned their stereo above barely audible.

By the time we found out what she had been doing, the damage had already been done with the neighbours. I tried to explain to the dude that it was our roommate’s evil girlfriend stomping, but he still wasn’t impressed.

A couple of weeks later, I was arriving at the apartment just as the brunette — Nicole! Yes, that’s it — was leaving. She said, “Hi. How are you?” I answered “Asparagus” or something… But, at least, she didn’t seem to hate me.

I was relieved.

A couple of weeks later, I was parking my car just around the corner from the apartment. Me and two friends got out, in the middle of an argument we had been having for blocks.

And it was about the girls living below us.

One dude was saying that he preferred the blonde.

I was horrified. “What!? Are you out of your damn mind?”

Just as the three of us turned the corner to the front of the house, the third dude loudly said, “I’d fuck the shit out of the both of them.”

Then I looked up and saw the three neighbours sitting on the front step. Mouths open. Looking at us.

I opened my mouth to say something as we walked by them and up the stairs, but nothing came out.

However, later that week I was walking home and ran into Nicole a block from the apartment. We walked it together and I even managed a little small talk. “I… I like nice weather.”

She didn’t seem to hate me at all.


Not long after this, I was out at the campus bar. I had just finished an exam. It was BRUTAL. One of those deals where everything you were told wouldn’t be on it was, and vice versa. I was in a bad mood. I ran into a dude I knew from residence. We were discussing the exam. Loudly. He felt the same as I did. That we had gotten jobbed.

Then something happened.

Because my body and brain were in no way used to staying up all night studying, or attending classes and what not, my anger went to another level.

I was ranting like a lunatic. Vein sticking out of my forehead and all. My friend was egging me on.

I think the last thing I said about the professor was, “I’ll fucking kill him, chop him up and encase him in concrete!”

Just then, my buddy looked over my shoulder and said, “Oh, have you ever met my friend Nicole?”

I turned. It was her. She looked traumatized.

Knowing that the universe had won this one, I put my hand on her shoulder, said, “Take care” and wandered off.

Wow. For a dude that wasn’t chatty, I can sure ramble, eh?


Happy Thanksgiving, Americans. Enjoy some turkey and football.

And some Gandharvas…

0 thoughts on “Don't just sit there and ruminate…

  1. Haha, don’t you guys celebrate Thanksgiving in October? What a wussy country.

    And there ain’t nothin wrong with a little Cure.

  2. I love that song. It reminds me of a past love. I think you are the first person I’ve heard of, other than he and I, that knows it!

    PS. I’m new here, figured it was time to say hello!

  3. miriam: Exactly! I ate turkey for three days. Good times.

    cait: Wussy???????????

    lisa: Yet, less effective than you might expect.

    miss pickle: Great song, eh? And I’m glad you said “Hello!”

    mindy: Dude got me to study, and there turned out to be no benefit to it. (You know, except for broadening my mind.) I think I was justified.

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