Don't call it a comeback…

I’m still blogretired. But, I may occasionally stick little stories/links/videos here in this post. Such as:

“Uncle Pete steals kisses.”


“Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Hmmm. Nope. One more… MWAAAAAH!”


I guest blogged over in Jamelah-ville today. I can’t believe these people keep asking me to do this. Gluttons for punishment, I say.


You should ALL be reading this. Like, right now!


So, when I announced my (temporary?) retirement, Mindy immediately asked me to take part in one of her point-counterpoint posts. I said, “Sure… counter-counter top, whatever. Count me in.” And then assumed it would never come up again. As I’ve learned, this, much like herpes, can’t just be ignored. All that being said, here is my little guest post dealie. It is half-assed and poorly written, but Mindy calls me “jerkface” all the time, so it’s cool.


Today (March 16th) is Lauren Graham’s birthday! I love Lauren Graham.


The Monkey: “I am never getting old. I am going to be beautiful all my life. I was born beautiful, I am beautiful now and I am going to stay that way. (Looks at me.) You wouldn’t know how that feels.”

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No Responses

  1. lspoon says:

    Oh how I’ve missed monkey tales.

    Can you throw us an ACN bone while you’re at it? I feel like a junkie without my fix.

  2. Paige Jennifer says:

    Three cheers for the Monkey.

  3. crazyzim says:

    i knew there was a reason i kept checking in ;-)

  4. Rachel says:

    monkey’s always know just what to say to make me smile :D

  5. Girl With Curious Hair says:

    You know, with the midlife panic that sets in around my birthday I was at a loss. But Monkey is right. I too was, am and always will be beautiful. Why was I worried?

    Thanks for posting that just in time! You and Monkey may have saved my birthday.

  6. mindy says:

    Weird that someone related to YOU would be sassy.

  7. distractedspunk says:

    Ha! I just cracked up at my desk! She’s a sass, my friend!

  8. Tia says:

    LOVE the monkey.

    and love you too. come back. for reals.

  9. A Lil' Irish Lass says:

    Peter, come out of retirement. We miss you!

  10. rayne says:

    okay,ya got me. i lurk. but i lurk with passion. And i love your blog ;-) hope you come back again soon…

  11. tNb says:

    Three cheers for The Monkey … and I hope your semi-blogretirement is going swimmingly :-)

  12. Michelle Ann says:

    God, I LOVE the Monkey. She is a legend in her own mind.

  13. Steph says:

    lol, God but I love her sass!

  14. The Stormin Mormon says:

    Holy Shit for The Monkey…


  15. JenBun says:

    Point: Mindy calls Peter a jerkface.

    Counterpoint: Peter is adorable!


  16. thestoryofagirl says:

    Dude, I totally just stumbled upon thispost at IB. Like, as in StumbleUpon the browser plug in. It was just weird to be stumbling random sites, and see a name I know! Weiird. Anyway, Hope you’re doing well.

  17. Essentially Me says:

    Oh and you’re a great kisser by the way.

  18. poodlegoose says:

    Aw Monkey updates. I hope they keep coming. I haven’t been around long, but I do like ACN and Monkey quotes. And Lauren is totally my crush too. My fiance loves Gilmore Girls and was convinced that if she didn’t end up with Luke at the end, he wouldn’t watch anymore (he had to find out what happened before we got it on dvd).

  19. Peter says:

    lspoon: The ACN has been particularly cute lately — and we are hanging out for 10 days in April — so stories may appear on here.

    paige jennifer: I think she already hears the cheers in her head.

    crazyzim: I am sneeeeeaky.

    rachel: She is quite the little character.

    girl with curious hair: She is considering becoming a motivational speaker.

    mindy: Shocking, right??

    ds: And she is like that ALL the time.

    tia: Oh, I’m around. And thanks!

    l’il: Awww. Thanks. I am always considering it.

    rayne: Thanks for commenting, lurker! ;)

    tnb: The condo in Florida has been very relaxing.

    Michelle Ann: She most certainly is.

    steph: She is 95% sass. 5% picker.

    stormin’: I am surrounded by sassy little chicks.

    jenbun: Thanks! Though I think she would counter my counter-point.

    thestoryofagirl: Oh yeah. I actually kind of like that silly thing.

    essentially me: Ha! I assume that you read my comments about kissing people outside Starbucks on Hollywood sucker’s blog.

    poodlegoose: I am constantly bummed that Lauren Graham is not on TV on a weekly basis. (Not counting syndication.)

  20. sid says:

    The Monkey should have her own stand-up show.

  21. Airam says:


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