Don't Blame It On Wayne…

People, it’s fucking Wayne Gretzky.

If he is saying he’s not involved, then he’s not involved. Seriously. If anyone in the sports world has earned the right to be taken for his word, it’s Gretzky.

With so few stand-up folks in the public eye, why pile on the one person who has never done a single thing to reflect poorly on himself, his family, his sport or his country?

Granted, I think he’s getting treated better than a lot of other celebs would be in this situation, but the few “journalists” who are bringing up the fact that he goes to visit Vegas should be ashamed. At no point has he been accused by anyone of placing a single bet with this “betting ring.” So why bring up his Vegas betting limits?

Gretzky placed a call to Rick Tocchet to see if they could keep Janet Gretzky’s name out of the paper. Reporters didn’t do their homework and began formulating all kinds of theories. Gretzky says that this call was placed AFTER the police visited Chez Gretzky and after Rick Tocchet had been served papers. The police back Gretzky up on the timeline. Would it have been so hard for the reporters to check this fact before writing their stories? You wouldn’t think so. And even if it was hard to find out, wouldn’t you wait until you had all the facts?

As for the people up and arms because he tried to protect his wife… Well, who wouldn’t do that? I would be more upset if he hadn’t done that. Any decent husband should do it. Well, maybe except for that dude who is married to J-Lo. He should let her fry.

So, Gretzky is innocent. Cool? Cool.

But, what if he had placed bets? Who really cares?

Personally I think that Gretzky could… draw cartoons of Mohammad spanking Jesus with a ping pong paddle… act on insider trading tips from Martha Stewart… draft Darko Millcic… trade for Terrell Owens… overuse ellipses… even marry J-Lo… and still should be given a free pass.

People, it’s fucking Wayne Gretzky.

One thought on “Don't Blame It On Wayne…

  1. “Well, maybe except for that dude who is married to J-Lo. He should let her fry.” And now I have to look her up and see what’s she’s done other than play Selena in that one movie. Selena? Serena? Meh.

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