Do you ever want to punch blogging square in the junk?

Do you ever feel like the whole thing has been co-opted into some
distasteful competition for comments and higher traffic numbers?

Like blogrolling is done for status as opposed to fandom or true friendship?

Like some bloggers would put out for a higher technorati rating?

Like the whole ‘verse is about to implode due to it’s own (undeserved)

Like the blog world reeks of the exact wrong way to try to bolster self-esteem?

Like people care too much, while not caring nearly enough?

Like it isn’t what it once was?

(Or maybe it’s just that you’re not?)

Like even the occasional brilliants post, or amazing acts, are being
lost in the cacophony of “I NEVER have sex on the first date, but I
was drunk”ness?

Do you ever feel like nobody fucking writes anymore?

I mean really writes.

Or at least makes an effort.

Do you ever feel like the post you are about to publish is going to
burn bridges and lose you some traffic?

Do you give a shit?

0 thoughts on “Do you ever want to punch blogging square in the junk?

  1. I don’t know what to say without seeming hypocritical. I recently labeled myself a comment whore in a post b/c I was afraid that if I posted something I would lose readers. I’ve ended up posting it b/c I needed to get it out. And now instead of losing I feel like I’m gaining.

    I should learn to understand that people read my blog b/c they like what they read. And I should stop trying to appeal to a larger audience if it hinders what I truly care about writing.

  2. Love this post. Can I stand with Molly and Clink and applaud too?

    It sounds ridiculously cheesy, but we can’t forget the reason we started blogging – to WRITE.

  3. i am nodding in agreement. and sometimes i feel like i don’t really “write” anymore. i have like 3 drafts started and need to get motivated!

    and maybe all these thoughts are coming from this delurking business? looking back i wish i wouldn’t have participated.

  4. I don’t care what anybody thinks.

    And if I lost all my traffic and never got another comment… it wouldn’t be too different from how it is now.

    I’m in it for ME! Yay ME!

    (and Yay YOU, too!)

  5. When I look back at my blog in the beginning (with no one reading but my father-in-law and friend), I was damned funny! Now? With my 12 readers? Meh. Is the number of readers inversely proportional to the amount of funny in one’s posts? Could be. That having been said, I guess I should start over somewhere else, a place no one knows about.

    I’ll read you, Peter, funny or not. For me? With your blog? It’s all about the ball cap, sweetie.

  6. I can agree with a lot of this, but that one part “Do you ever feel like nobody writes anymore. Like really writes” While I may not think that people write well, I don’t think I’m on the blogging judging community. I can’t say if they’re trying or not, just as people that may think that I don’t write well can’t say if I’m trying or not.

    But I agree with most of what you said. Like, I can’t stand when people only comment on my blog when I’ve commented on their’s. I feel like so many people view the whole thing as a popularity contest, and I’ve always wanted to write well for me. Not for anyone else.

    And if being honest loses you readers or traffic, then at least you know that they didn’t really like you. Ya know?

  7. Echoing Heather. I’m not so concerned about gaining more readers as I am losing the ones I have. When I started blogging, I didn’t care what people thought, and I was damn funny. Now I over-analyze and over-edit, each post becoming more and more void of personality. I “secret blog” those times when I really need to get something off my chest, but don’t want to be tethered to an online argument. Chicken? Yeah. Bawk bawk.

  8. I wasn’t going to reply to comments on this one, and maybe should have closed them, because it was just how I felt at that moment in time.

    But I do want to reply to what thestoryofagirl said. I didn’t necessarily mean that I was judging the quality of writing — or end result — as much as the effort or attempt to write, as opposed to blog.

    Hmmm. Yeah, that probably didn’t make it any more clear.

  9. Does somebody have a case of the Mondays??

    (on a Tuesday, which is even worse than having a case of the Mondays on a Monday)

  10. I’ve been reading silently for a little while and am finally coming out of hiding to respond to this one. I have to be completely honest and say that I do blog for the community aspect. I do love to write, and every now and then I’ll throw out a serious, more disciplined “essay” (or post), but for the most part, to me blogging is about making friends and finding people with common interests that I wouldn’t have met otherwise and documenting my life as it appears to me today for posterity. I save my serious writing for my echoing, dark and cavernous My Documents folder and rarely share that with anyone else.

    However, I don’t blog with the intention of driving up traffic, and I honestly have no idea what Technorati actually is or what it does. I have a very small blog with some fantastic regular readers and I really couldn’t be happier with my lot in the internet world! Very interesting thoughts though–blogging is just different for everyone, and I think it’s important to remember that.

  11. *applauds* I sometimes find myself being a comment whore but I’m trying not to be. Having this blog and reading others makes me really want to WRITE, but I have yet to really find my voice.

    I also agree with others here, I find that I was a hell of a lot funnier in the posts when NO ONE read and now i’m editing a lot.

    Unless my life is just not that fun anymore. Which would be sad.

  12. I try to make the effort to write. I try not to get personal and mean towards people in my blogs as to not burn bridges. that can be done off the blog if needed.

  13. I write whatever it is that I have on my mind. If I want to say I hate puppies and kittens and cotton and yellow, I will say it. Not that I do not like puppies and kittens and cotton and yellow. Who could not like them. My point is, I don’t fear voicing my opinions,
    and that is exactly why I am never going to make it in this blog world.

  14. life is surrounded by “attention seeking whores” and “me, me, me”…

    blogging world or not, it makes no difference.

    try not to let it get to you.

  15. my blog is less about me and more about my city (though clearly i am all over my blog and my posts and whatnot), but that is because i made a real decision to not have another “and today i did blah blah blah and i like to have blah blah blah” blog. which i certainly enjoy reading (to a point.) but my blog is a challenge to myself to look for the positive and find the joy in my life. so i guess i feel like usually, i do try to really write.

  16. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

    But damn it, I keep blogging anyway and I like reading your blog, so damn it, I will keep lurking and commenting, too.

  17. i agree with you.

    and every time i censor myself (i really try not to but occasionally i do) i feel like i sold the farm.


    my FAVORITE thing about blogging is finding people whose writing i really respect/enjoy.

    the rest of it can kick rocks.

  18. It’s interesting. I was having this discussion with a friend last night about how much we both hate feeling like whenever we blog, we get new readers, and then we’re obligated to post on their blogs, even when we’re not a fan of their writing or their style.

    I don’t like bullshit. I try to not write bullshit. So I’m with you. But I am curious, and I do like to know who exactly is all reading me. Go figure.

    Rock on, Peter.

  19. i very much agree with ds.
    i’ve posted ‘controversial’ things, things that are on my mind when they’re on my mind before.

    my blog is not teeming over with gadzillions of comments. but funnily enough? the posts that really come from the heart garner more feedback than any other.

  20. I give a sh*t. I become seriously neurotic when the number of commentators decrease. I wonder what I did wrong. Why hasn’t he called … erm …

  21. I’m so removing you from my rss reader after this.

    I realize that I’m slowly becoming a traffice whore. It feels really good to watch those numbers rise, you have to admit. Or don’t admit, you self righteous square. But seriously, this post is great- sort of forces me/us all to admit that we’re becoming traffice whores, and hopefully take the necessary steps to get out of that behaviour.

  22. what exactly is a comment whore, someone who gets a zillion comments and hits or whatever, or one who begs for them? whats the difference? what is technorati?

    i’ve deleted a few blogs from my rss lately, not because they pissed me off or always had a zillion comments and didn’t need my one more, but because i simply didn’t connect with them anymore.

    it all feels so high-school sometimes, I’m tempted to just close comments on everything.

    man, back in 2003, five comments on a post was ridiculous. those were the days.

  23. Speaking of fandom, I JUST noticed that I am not on your blogroll.

    I am shocked, Peter.

    To my very core. :)

    But I still think you’re awesome for writing this.

  24. So you were serious the other time when I was kidding about “no comments.”

    This was the best line by far:

    “Like people care too much, while not caring nearly enough?”

  25. I think what bugs me teh most is wondering if what people write is real or just contrived to bring in more traffic, generate more commenst, increase their popularity. I miss sincerity. It doesn’t have to be deeply personal, because I’m a pretty private person, so I get not wanting to spill one’s guts all over the internet. But I still would like what I read to be an actual piece of the blogger, and not some fictional character they’ve created for the sole purpose of winning a blogging popularity contest.

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