do you ever read writing?

She asked him…

“Do you ever read writing
and wish that it was about you?
That you caused the epic fucking swell of emotions?
That you were the only one capable of the rescue?

Do you ever read writing
and feel it so intensely?
Like every word is an angry and desperate misfiring neuron?
Like every line break is a welcomed necessary reprieve?

Do you ever read writing
that you just don’t want to end?
With sentences spilling like sand through your fingers?
With images appearing and then dissipating like sea smoke as temperatures inch upwards?

Do you ever read writing
and realize that it is yours?
And wonder if you can ever achieve it again?
And wonder…”

Then she put down her pen, put her journal in her night table and tried, once more, to get some sleep.


7 thoughts on “do you ever read writing?

  1. michelle: I had JUST decided, “Fuck it. I hate that one.” And was going to delete it when you commented. So, damn you!

    And thanks.

  2. Peter, sometimes I think you read into my life and then just…write pieces about it. It freaks me out a bit. I already have one stalker. Don’t need another!

    But seriously, I understand this moment incredibly. I felt it even last night.

  3. “With sentences spilling like sand through your fingers?”

    I feel like there’s always one line in your poems that makes me say “oooooohh it’s gooooood….” or something.

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