Dispatch From The Front

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  1. Airam says:

    Peter funny and sweet too.

    This is what I love about kids … they give you so much material for wicked stories.

    Question .. how old is the ACN?

  2. Peter says:


    She’s 6.

  3. The Stormin Mormon says:

    “Entirely in FRENCH”

    Sometimes I forget that you live in Canada.

  4. lfar says:

    The Monkey is the sweetest cousin ever!

  5. MissE says:

    You know, if those two ever get around to creating their own blogs… you are so toast! *grin*

    I love reading about the ACN and the Monkey – they sound like two awesome kids to spend time with… the added bonus of watching a grown man get wrapped tighter and tighter around their little fingers would just sweeten the deal! (hmmm, it suddenly occurs to me that some people may take that the wrong way… oh well, it isn’t meant to be so minds, gutters, out of!)

    I did have a dumb moment though –
    Pete writes: She actually seems to enjoy it anytime I switch randomly into French.
    MissE thinks: Pete speaks French? Cool… love that accent. Wish he’d vlog in French sometimes that would be so sexy, I wonder why he learnt French… *pause while braincells actually kick into gear* …COZ HE’S FROM CANADA, YOU CLOSET BLONDE!!!

  6. STP says:

    Watching Ed Sullivan clips, thinking Elvis is hot and singing Smack That…she is a national treasure!

  7. sybil law says:

    With the way you spoil these girls like crazy (which is a good thing!), I shudder to think of how hard their boyfriends will have it in a few years! (Many years – don’t worry!) Awesome. Get some sleep! We need more ACN and monkey business stories!

  8. Clink says:

    Girls funny (and sweet).

    Peter tired.

    Clink very amused.

  9. Peter says:

    stormin’: Plus I live in a frenchy area.

    lisa: She has been a pretty helpful little poop this week.

    misse: The Monkey is on Facebook. A blog can’t be far away.

    stp: As she gets older, she is not becoming any less of a character.

    sybil: I am actually a spoiler of girlfriends too!

    clink: They are pretty entertaining, eh? And Jen would have some stories about “The Monkey” from back in the day.

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