a partial list of things i dislike almost as much as i dislike the miami heat

social conservatives
The Kardashians
pitchers batting in baseball
the Boston Red Sox
any song that has its own dance
tweets that begin with “that” (e.g. “That moment when I realize I have no original thoughts”)
Family Guy
American Dad
The Cleveland Show
Manchester United
the New England Patriots
pretty much any dance music created since the C & C Music Factory closed its doors
when people don’t get my references
missing a spot shaving
the New York Yankees
Whitney Cummings
Dane Cook
Chelsea Handler
Jude Law
sweet potato “fries”
hot weather
Sex and the City
folding fitted sheets
the internet causing the homogenization of the English language

14 thoughts on “a partial list of things i dislike almost as much as i dislike the miami heat

  1. Oh my goodness, I HATE “ALL OF THE [THINGS]” AND “tweets that begin with “that” (e.g. “That moment when I realize I have no original thoughts”)”

    I thought I was the only one.

  2. From your list I like:
    Sex and the City
    Rare moments from Family Guy that I catch passively as it’s on in the background and I’m on the computer
    One skit from Dane Cook (the crying one)

    • Ashley likes Sex and the City too, so I can’t judge you too harshly. ;)

      You should throw your tv out the window if The Family Guy stays on it for more than 30 seconds.

      I *think* I saw that Dane Cook skit, and if it is the one I’m thinking of, it wasn’t QUITE as objectionable as the rest.

  3. At least four things there don’t belong on that list! Paticularly hot weather. HUMID hot weather maybe, but hot weather in general? You clearly have never lived in Ireland. The grass isn’t actually greener!

  4. Ha! I just published a post with stuff I hate. Everything I put on the list I wanted to follow with “but I love when” writing about hate didn’t leave me with a good feeling.

    I’m so not on the same page as you are for some of these things. I won’t tell you which ones, it’s a Cheez Whiz kinda thing.

    p.s. Cape Breton? I LOVE Cape Breton! Such a cool cool place, you’re lucky to be living there (says the girl on a boat in Mexico)

  5. No dance music?? Dance is heart and music is soul! (put ’em together…)

    I’d agree with most everything else on this list though. :)

  6. i’m so glad you’ve started speaking out against the obnoxious over-use of the “all of the X” phrase. i’ve been over it for a while, but i still even catch myself saying it sometimes. UGH.

    agree with most of this list. sad to see the red sox on there.

  7. I hate the use of the word/phrase “totes”, and “NO, YOU just did/ate/said this/that.” Why are we ALL suddenly talking in the third person and prefacing it with the word, “NO.” Are we having an argument with ourselves? Have we forgotten to take our schizophrenic meds? I don’t understand.

  8. Peter – I can get on board with most of these things. Or at least see why you would dislike them.

    HOWEVER, I cannot believe you’ve thrown sweet potato fries under the bus like that.

  9. If I might quote Peter Griffin of Family Guy, “You know what really grinds my gears?”

    Any song that has its own dance and folding fitted sheets.


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