Did someone say… guest vlog?


Have you ever thought, “I do enjoy Peter’s vlogs, but I just wish that he was a cute blonde. Possibly from Florida?”

It’s like I’m reading your minds!

0 thoughts on “Did someone say… guest vlog?

  1. “Canada’s National Treaure?”

    Really, Peter, the next time you script out a Guest Vlog, at least acknowledge that Canada’s National Treasure is Anne Murray. And maybe have the guest vlogger hum a few bars of “Can I Have This Dance…For the Rest of my Life…”

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, let Anne have Canada…you’re an INTERNATIONAL TREASURE!

    [choke…I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth]

  2. Blast, I was thinking I could watch this guest vlog when I returned home but then I remembered that I just moved this past weekend and my Internet connection isn’t up yet. Hopefully I’ll remember to give it a looksie when my connection is well, connected…

  3. Haha, leeching wireless web access from unsuspecting neighbors James manages to watch DeWolf’s amusing guest blog!

    Great stuff, though the buzzing (cellphone?) towards the end was unfortunate. But the extra “off-camera” bit was icing on the cake. T’was just what this blog needed :-)

  4. k-m: When I was a babyPete and teething, the only thing that would soothe me was Anne Murray music. Honestly.

    James: I also thought that it was an awesome addition to le blog.

    Funkie: Didn’t the caller realize that you were doing a vlog for PDDC? Sheeesh. Either way, I greatly appreciate your spectacular performance.

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