Typically when faced with a difficult decision, I’ll look at the pros and cons and decide which one outweighs the other. Then I’ll give it the “gut test.” Most of the time this yields one obvious-ish answer.

Most of the time.

Decisions in general are very difficult for some people – both before and after they are made.

I think it was Austrian writer Karl Kraus who said, “A weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.”

It was either him or Daffy Duck. I sometimes get them confused.

My main problem this time is that I really don’t like change. For real. The Amish are more open to it than I am.

I don’t like Jennifer Lopez. I don’t like the taste of liver. And I don’t like change.

Especially not change for the sake of change.

But, at some point you have to wonder if your resistance to change is actually holding you back. Is sheer stubborness stopping you from achieving something that you can so easily have? I want to be a strong man, Karl Kraus. I really do.

You are probably wondering what has me so vexed. And if you are familiar with my writing, you’ll know that I am not much for talking about anything personal. This is not easy for me to say…

I guess the best thing would be to just come out and say it…

I am wondering if it is time for me to get a new razor.


I actually feel a little better now.

I currently use a Gillette Sensor Sport. I’m pretty sure they don’t make the”Sport” anymore. I got it sometime in the early 90s. It is essentially an old school Gillette Sensor, but with some pretty blue paint on it. (Yes, I am that easily led to buy something.)

It only has two blades. Shocking, no?

I didn’t even look at the Gillette Sensor 3 that came out years ago. What difference could one extra blade really make?

But, now I’ve seen the future, my friends. The future is…

The Gillette Sensor Fusion. (And not the crazy ass battery powered one.)

It has five blades on the front and one on the back for sideburn trimming and the like. Five!! And that trimming blade would come in handy since every time I shave, my sideburns creep down a little further. A week after a haircut I start looking like a 90210-era Luke Perry. You know, back when he was in his early 40s.

Plus, it is all pretty-like in blue and orange? It looks like an Edmonton Oilers jersey from the 1980s. (Yes, I’m still easily led.)

Now, the math may seem quite simple to you…

5 > 2

But, it’s really not that easy.

My Sensor Sport and I have been through a lot together.

It laughed at me when I grew my “good luck” exam beard during my first year at university. Once the marks came back, I knew there would never be a second exam beard.

It helped me shape my ill-conceived attempt at a goatee in the mid-90s. A phase that lasted two days. While I did look kind of bad-ass, I felt a little like Evil Spock.

Sensor Sport has been with me through every up and down for the last 15+ years. There is a history there, people.

While I’m a loyal guy, I can’t help but wonder how much closer three extra blades would shave. And would I be able to go longer between shaves? Because, let’s face it, that alone is one hell of a selling point.

I think that ultimately I will get a new Gillette Fusion. I’ll let my Sensor Sport retire. (Possibly to Boca.) But, it’ll be a bittersweet moment for me. The end of an era.

But, Karl Kraus says that will make me a strong man. And when has a German-speaking Austrian ever led people astray before?

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  1. I’ve fallen prey to the marketing machine and have been using the Gillette M3 Power razor for the last few months. Unfortunately, I have to report that I’ve noticed no difference in the quality of my shave from that of a three-bladed razor with no battery-powered gentle buzz. Hopefully you will fare better with your non-battery-powered five-bladed razor and you too will not have become a victim of the marketing.

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