– She gave a shout-out. A shout-out.

– What was with the winking?

– Fran Drescher called to complain about Palin’s voice

– Peggy Noonan is fucked.

– Palin seems to know some English words, just not what to do with them.

– Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act. McCain voted against it.

– Sure, Palin defied expectations. But, not tripping and jamming the mic up her nose would have been enough to accomplish that.

– Biden seemed presidential. Little Sally Doggone-it seemed barely qualified to be back-up head of the PTA.

– The winking. Seriously.

– Stupidity, being blissfully unaware of said stupidity, and misplaced confidence do not equal folksy.

– She wants to EXPAND the role of VP? And this coming on the heels of Dick Cheney? If you can still vote Republican after hearing that, you kinda deserve whatever you get.

– If you think that her being VP will do anything but set back the cause of women in politics (and America’s standing in the world) then I think you are Peggy Noonan levels of delusional.

– Palin is an embarrassment to women, men, and your more self-aware house plants.

– I mostly wrote this because I didn’t want my top post to be largely about ass-fucking. Although, if the Republicans win…

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  1. My fave debate moments? Biden referring to himself in the third person and Palin putting down the entire East coast. Smart move.

  2. I liked how she either looked snarky or like a deer in the headlights. I think the winking was how she switched between the two.

  3. My favorite moments were when she couldn’t remember, exactly, which branch of the government the vice president is supposed to belong to (And then Joe Biden answering the question– like he did, gasp!, for every question!– and saying anyone who thought otherwise is a bizarro), and when she said something (about using the same tactics in Afghanistan that have been used in Iraq), the opposite of which had just been in the papers THAT DAY. (Doesn’t she read “all of them”??) Oh, and when she brought up a Civil War general instead of a current one.

    But what do I know? I’m not Joe Six-pack OR a hockey mom.

    (You’re not either, and that’s why I love this post…)

  4. I saw some of the ‘highlights’ on one of our news programmes last night. I love how when Biden made some comment about how Palin wasn’t actually answering a question, her response was how she may not answer questions the way he might like but she’d be speaking directly to the American people and something else corny and cliched and topped off with that smile of hers that just seems waaaay too self satisfied.

    You know, if America elects her and McCain to office… I think it will be the final proof of just how totally f***ed up that damn country is.

  5. Oh – and she still didn’t answer the question!

    (Sorry – my brain is all flu-i-fied and functioning at cotton-wool level)

  6. Everyone kept saying the bar was very low. Sure it was. The f*#ing bar was on THE FLOOR! I’m right there with you. The day after the debate all I kept saying was, “Shout out?” she gave a “shout out?”!!!!

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