Darkened bedroom. 2:35 am.

“Hey… Are you sleeping?” she whisper-asks.

“Schnork…” he schnorks.

“You. Hi. Wake up.”

“The brightest star visible in the sky is Sirius,” he mumbles.


“Hiiiiiiiii, you.”

“I can’t sleep,” she sadfaces.

“Awwww. I hate that.”

“I know, babe. And since you are old, you need less sleep, so–”

“I’m not that old,” he buries his nose in her shoulder.

“You’re so old you remember pubic hair. So…. Will you be awake with me?”


“Will you be awake and still clothed with me?”


“I’m ever so cute,” she pokes him in the forehead with her finger.

“That IS true.”

“And my smile melts you.”

“Also fact.”

“So, really, staying awake with me will be your favourite thing EVER?”

“Top five anyway,” he replies, rolling onto his back and blinking groggily.

“I’ll take it. Now, tell me, when did you realize you were completely stupidly in love with me?”

“First time I saw you,” he yawns.


“Last Wednesday?”


“Remember that time, ages ago, when we were walking to dinner and you spotted that puppy? Then we spent twenty-five minutes there so you could play with him. Then you tried to convince the owner that she should change the dog’s name to something more fitting. You were gesticulating wildly and offered her twenty bucks to call him ‘Jim.’ And remember how you were just so excited when you realized his little puppy bandanna perfectly matched your scarf?”


“The look in your eyes…”

“Awww. Good answer. You get kisses.”

She kisses him.

“Mmmm. I like this game, sweetie,” he smiles, eyes closing a little.

“I know another game that you might realllllly like.”

“Oh yeah?” He sits up.

“Yeah… Hungry Hungry Hippos.”

“You’re a cruel woman.” He falls back down on the bed.

“It’s part of my charm.”

“Hey. That’s MY line,” he says with faux anger.

“I deliver it better.”


“Let’s watch some TV. Sportscentre?” she asks.


“Sure. You’ve been a good boy.”

“Yay. And thank– Uhm. That’s not the remote you have your hand on.”

“I REALLY liked the puppy story.”


16 thoughts on “Darkened bedroom. 2:35 am.

  1. Ummmm…people don’t have pubic hair anymore?

    OH wait, wait – ah yes, *pubic* hair… Those were the good old days. 8-track cassettes, leisure suits…burnt orange. Haha, what follies!

    *shifts gaze*

  2. I love when dogs have people’s names, and I like the way you spell favorite, favourite. I’m very American, and we’re too lazy to put that extra “u” in certain words.

    Overall great scene.

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