So, this is post #500 here at PeterDeWolf.com. It’s been a long strange journey.

Or something.

I’ve been watching a lot of Barack Obama speeches lately. Which reminds me, if Americans don’t elect him president, I give up on all y’all. For real. You should just pack it in. Let England take you back under it’s wing. Your little running away from home experiment hasn’t worked. Slap the Queen on your money, learn to like tea, and try to figure out what the big deal is with Robbie Williams.


Listening to his speeches reminds you of what good writing sounds like. The message. The choice of words. The cadence. It is art. It really is.

But, when I am exposed to great writing, it makes me like my own a little less.
Which, when combined with the big 5-0-0, is causing me to consider making some changes here.

1) I’m thinking about posting less often. This would undoubtedly lead to me suffering from some withdrawal issues. (Which may or may not be offset by me doing some posting on a super secret anonymous blog.) I would try to only post stuff that I am actually happy with. Which, oddly enough, are the posts that get the least comments. Speaking of…

2) I am thinking about getting rid of comments all together. While I LOVE hearing from people, I don’t want comments to turn into some kind of… obligation. If I comment on you, you have to comment on me. Or vice versa. Also some people refuse to comment on posts with “too many” comments, while others don’t bother commenting if there aren’t enough. Madness. The only drawback is that some people who have commented on my blog have become friends. Of course, with no comments, people who really like (or dislike) a post could e-mail me. I’m giving this some serious thought.

3) Getting rid of statcounter completely. Who cares how many people are reading or where they are coming from? That was never the point of my blog.

This list may grow or shrink as my blog continues to go through it’s quarter(mid?)-life crisis.

Or I may turn my blog into nothing but a place to post pictures of attractive women flipping the bird.


A random sampling of some of my favourite posts from the first 500…

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“You know… 1%, 2%, 3%…”

Encounters with nature…

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Some people are just touchy.

Big Day

Thanks for reading, suckas.

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  1. I went to a Barack Obama rally last night in Madison… it was INCREDIBLE! Our stadium was packed full.
    I agree that his eloquence is astounding, and I, too, will love having him as our next president ;)

  2. Oh don’t be one of THOSE people. Those people who turn their blog into pictures of beautiful women flipping the bird. How trite. Seriously. Do something that I’m not already subscribed do with like, 8 different blogs. Yes, I have 8 “beautiful bird flippers” blogs on my reader.

  3. lfar: I make it more specific. Beautiful women in 70s-style t-shirts flipping the bird?

    adam: I hear you. I go back and forth. I blame a general blogcrankiness.

  4. I’ve toyed with getting rid of comments, too. I don’t get that many, but I feel obligated to answer the ones I do get, and I never do. (Sometime I just don’t feel like policing my blog everyday. For a while there it was feeling a little less like my blog. I had to reign it in.)

    In the end, remember it’s your blog and do what you feel is right: posting less often, comments or not.

  5. Yeah, I can understand that. I enjoy the interaction of the comments, but I get that not everyone does.

    I wish I could comment on every blog I read, but with over 400 blogs in my reader, that would be impossible. As it is, it takes up a lot of my day already.

  6. Adam: I hear THAT too. For me the worst part is the guilt. If someone is nice enough to read and comment, I feel like I should do the same. And when I don’t get a chance to, it bothers me.

  7. Noooooooooooo. Wait.

    No to fewer posts and removed comments. I have only found your blog recently and am enjoying too much for it to change.

    Obama’s speeches are wonderful. They almost make me sadder when I think of the past seven years of speeches. The good news is, our children is learning and things will be better in the future. Also, if we get stuck with Grandpa Mac, maybe we should make nice with the Queen. How hard can it be? I already like tea and big hats.

    PS–please don’t change too much. Thanks.

  8. I don’t even think you read my blog anymore, and that’s quite all right. It’s not about the commenting or how many blog friends you have. I still enjoy your blog, and I’ll keep reading it, until I decide I either don’t like it anymore or something else grabs my attention.

    At any rate, if you go the super anonymous route, I would hope you keep me informed!

  9. girl with curious hair: Don’t worry too much. While I am disatsifed with my blog at the moment, I am also very lazy and averse to change.

    mindy: I am not feeling Hillary AT ALL. Obama is a once in a generation inspirational leader. Hillary couldn’t inspire an erection on a fourteen year old boy, on ginseng, sitting in math class.

  10. When I found my writing style/content driven by the presence of comments and high stats, I started to get disappointed with myself. That’s when I took a SiteMeter break. I deleted the code for a few weeks. And while I eventually tacked it back up, it never resumed the same power over my literary brilliance (stop laughing).

    Oh, and the favoritest posts eliciting the least number of comments? It’s a blog phenom.

  11. I hope you don’t start posting less often, or take your work elsewhere. I have only been reading you for a few days but I really enjoy what you have to say and think you are an amazing writing.

    As a fellow writer myself I know we are all overly critical of what we say, the words we use, the symbolism of every phrase placed is significant rather it’s something that you have spent ten years writing or something you wrote in 10 minutes. It’s not all going to be magic, it’s not all going to be awe-worthy or life altering.

    No writer can say it always was.

    You must, however, write the shit to get the good stuff. Rather it’s one line, or just the perfect word that might not fit there now but will make sense in the future. I am a firm believe in the process of writing and rewriting. And maybe I am just trying to talk you into staying ::shrugs::

  12. For one thing, blogging is weird.

    For another thing, yeah, post what you want to when you want to, dude… it’s not like you’re back in NaBloPoMo hell or something.

    For another another thing, I have nothing to say about blog comments. I like them and I hate them, both as a blogger and a commenter. I guess it’s that sometimes, in general, the internet feels like a lot of work.

    For another another another thing, if Barack Obama doesn’t first win the party’s nomination and then subsequently the presidency, I am officially giving up on America. You heard it here first. Read it here. Something.

  13. You’re welcome, sucka.

    I voted for Obama; I can only do so much! That said, I do like tea and all things English, so …

    Have you read his books? In the first one, his writing is AMAZING! The second one is a little more dry (also, more political, which explains that), but still a really worthwhile read.

    You have no obligation to us, the readers. We will come if you post less often, and most of us read everything you write, even if we don’t comment enough (or comment too much, whatever that means). Ultimately, though, this is YOUR place and YOU’RE in charge. We’re just the loyal subjects.

    I hope your bloggy feelings clear up … one way or another.

    Love and hugs from someone who has been inspired by you in the past…

  14. I think you posting less often would mean your READERS would suffer from withdrawl. And I feel you on the comment issue. This is why I don’t write letters…obligation and responsibility. But then again, I have found some amazing other blogs from the comments posted…like yours when I read Pinknest. You just cracked me up.

  15. “Let England take you back under it’s wing. Your little running away from home experiment hasn’t worked. Slap the Queen on your money, learn to like tea, and try to figure out what the big deal is with Robbie Williams.”

    Love it. Made my day :)

  16. Um. Peter. Are presidents supposed to inspire erections? Are you saying that George W gives you wood?

    Eww. I am grossed out by my own comment – but YOU MADE ME DO IT.

  17. Here’s my obligatory comment.

    It’s very big of you to follow US elections when you don’t even have to vote on them. I couldn’t tell you one thing about Canadian government.


    Cograts on 500!

  18. I have actually done exactly what you mentioned- not commented because there are already so many there.

    Partially I’m all childishly annoyed cause I didn’t get there first, and partially it’s cause I don’t always feel like reading them all to see if someone has said the exact same thing I have in my head.

  19. You, my friend, are a smart man. I haven’t been feeling the comments either, hence my recent posts not having the option. And you already know that I refuse to put a statcounter on my new blog. It so takes away from the true purpose of keeping a blog … a form of cheap therapy.

  20. i see comments as “gifts”, from friends in cyber world and real world, and i receive them happily.

    but i don’t feel obliged to reply to them (even though i do because i don’t have many), and i feel my commenters are okay with it (or… i don’t care if they’re not).

    take it easy on the “guilt” thing. it’s all good.

  21. Congrats with the 500, but I just finished reading your faves of 500, and I am sad that you are thinking of making less posts. I love your posts. Especially the ones about the ACN and Monkey. And seriously though, I had to laugh at some of the other ones because I didn’t know what to expect. They were that good. Honestly.

    And I agree, I think that taking away the comments is freeing.

    Honestly, what do people see in McCain?

  22. what is going on with all of the unhappy-bloggedness? i don’t like it!

    i insist you snap out of it and also continue to post daily and never EVER disable comments because it bums me out when i don’t have OPTIONS and otherwise i’ll be forced to email you incessantly about nothing.

    wow. i got really worked up about that just now. but still.

  23. I’m with you on the Obama issue, that McCain guy is just plain scary. He smiles far too much, like a croc or something. America needs to vote smart…

    As to the whole mid-blog crisis; well, it’s your blog, mate, so it’s your call but I’d be sorry if you stopped posting – even the pieces you think aren’t so good – and as tempting as images of beautiful women flipping off the world sounds I just don’t see it being a “must-see” for me. Handsome, stunning, hot-as blokes doing the same… welllll, that’s I’d consider! *grin*.

    I love reading your posts, Peter – from the fiction pieces to the beautiful tales of the ACN and Monkey and their ongoing quest to wrap you further and further around their little fingers, from the letters to your future wife to your heart-felt testimonies about sports.

    As to the comments – well, I can always email my thoughts (infrequent as they tend to be) or drop you a line via Facebook… right?

  24. I’m totally late to this party, but first congrats on post #500. Secondly, I struggle with the same three issues, if it’s any consolation. And you don’t know me, so it probably isn’t. I worry that a “want” for comments sometimes drives my content. Because the good content — and by “good” I mean the content you as the writer like the most — usually doesn’t leave much to be said. At least that’s what I’ve been told from people who read my blog. But they could just be blowing smoke. But no matter how much our egos would love to hear, “That was GREAT!” after some post we put a lot of thought into, it kind of makes me want to vomit when I see that sort of pandering on some blogs. I would say stick with the comments and definitely stick with the stats!

  25. Thoughts on comments: I used to feel obilgated to think of something to say for every blog post I read. And to reply to every comment I received. One day, I realized it was forced & insincere. I started leaving comments when I actually had something worth saying. And I reply to comments when they make me feel compelled to say something in return. And you know what? No one cared that I didn't comment on every post or comment they made. Suddenly became enjoyable again. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves. I take sincerity over obligation any day.

  26. Two things:
    1) “I’ve been watching a lot of Barack Obama speeches lately. Which reminds me, if Americans don’t elect him president, I give up on all y’all.”- I couldn’t have said it better.

    2) I can relate to the notion that your favourite posts don’t get the comments. I find that on my blog too. I think my favourite post I ever wrote got 4 comments. And a post I wrote about sewage touching me got over 40. It’s strange what people are attracted to.

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