Raise your hand if you like free stuff.

Did you really just raise your hand?

This is a blog post.

You do realize that I couldn’t see you, right?


Here’s the deal:

This is a contest to win an autographed copy of my novella #$@%ing Read Me!

To enter, all you have to do put up a little post on your blog about how awesome I am and how you can’t wait to read the novella and, of course, a link to the novella itself.   (Use the link in the paragraph above.)

If you’ve already read it, you can feel free to gush about how it changed your life, made you love me, etc.

Then you just send me an e-mail (peterdewolf(at) with a link to your post, and you are in.

A bonus extra entry will be given to people who write particularly convincing posts.  Like the Oscars, attractiveness and math, this will be completely subjective.

Contest open to everyone, everywhere.

Contest ends January 9th, 2009 at noon eastern time.  At that point, I will put all the entries in my baseball cap — currently a blue Philadelphia Phillies cap — and select a winner.  I will then autograph the novella, and write a note to the winner, and one lucky person will get to see just how bad my handwriting is.

As an added bonus, this package will also come with some Nova Scotia air and my saliva on the envelope should you want to clone me.  And, really, why wouldn’t you?

0 thoughts on “CONTEST!!!

  1. Peter, does this count?

    I’ve linked to it a BUNCH!

    (And I already have multiple copies, but bring it!)

    (OK, I’ll email you to remind you…)

    Great idea! :)

  2. If I had a website this would be an ingenious way of getting around the ‘postage to Australia costs $100″ thing. YOU’D get to pay that. Or just send it via less expensive carrier pigeons. Or hand deliver it.
    (I’m not going to entertain the idea of you choosing someone else if I could enter. Don’t be absurd)

  3. Fuck it. I already asked a Canadian to buy the book for me. But a signed copy and your saliva, you say? How can I pass up this opportunity? Will write up something ASAP.

  4. Since not only do I blog lurk, but I do a poor job since I missed this contest, say I buy this novella of yours. You know, with my stolen credit card that I copped from that old man at the adult book store… Say I do that, then I SEND it to you, will you sign it anyway?

    That’d be the NICE thing to do. Since, you know, I’m your hero in my mind.

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