Contest of AWESOME winner!

So in December sometime I ran this contest.

The prize was the mysterious “$50 worth of awesome.”  As each new person entered, I’d try to come up with ideas for what I would send if they won.

I knew I’d have to find a way to get Caramilk bars to Eleni.

I had a silly idea for Jenn.

If Linda won, I was going to have a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Ryan Gosling delivered to her office.

Hey, girl.

I was a little nervous when people I didn’t really know well entered, but I had faith in my sleuthing abilities and knew I could find a cool customized gift just for them.

And then the big day came.  I used the dealie and it selected…


I was excited at first.

At first.

But then I said to myself, “Eeeep!  I adore Jasmine.  We’ve been friends for years.  But Jasmine is all snooty and boobs!  What am I going to send her?”

Jasmine lives in NYC.  She goes to fancypants restaurants.  On opening nights!

She realizes there are other places to buy clothing than Old Navy.  (I had no idea.)

It was a pickle, it was.

Then I remembered that one time when I told her about the Canadian snack treats I was sending Ashley, she seemed intriiiiiigued.

So snack treats it would be!

I sent her:

2 big bags of Hickory Sticks
4 boxes of Smarties (the good Canadian kind)
4 Coffee Crisp bars
4 Crunchie bars
4 Aero bars
4 Aero Mint bars
and 4 Caramilk bars.

And when they arrived at her desk yesterday, she sent me the following in an email:

“so much stuff! how will i ever finish? do i even like my co-workers enough to consider sharing?!

these are the questions that are haunting me.”

Hee and a hee.

She even licked the chocolate off her fingers long enough to send me this pic.

Fun, right?

So you know, there is still time to buy Part 1 of KAPOW! right here.  (Apparently if you use this code “onemorethingca305” you get 25% off all orders today.)

And Part 2 will be out next week!

I hope you’ll check it out.

5 thoughts on “Contest of AWESOME winner!

  1. Erm, Peter I adore you, but those treats aren’t Canadian. Nestle = Swiss Company, established by American brothers. Available in 86 countries, including South Africa.

    My point being that not all good things originate from Canada. Yeah, I said it.

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