contest… ish

Remember my Word Doodlepalooza? It was hailed by the New Orleans Times Picayune as the “third greatest palooza of all time!”

Well this is nothing like that.

Have you ever heard of a drabble?

Well, go. Look.


I have decided to host a drabble contest.

You must write a piece of fiction with EXACTLY 100 words.

And don’t give me any of your, “But, Peeeeeeeeter, I don’t write fiction” horseshit. It’s a hundred words! Do it.

Then post it on your blog (you are looking for post ideas anyway) with a link back to this post.

Then e-mail to let me know. Easy peasy your sister is sleazy.

And the winner will get a virtual thumbs up.

I suppose it can be a virtual lapdance, or anything virtual you want, really.

EDIT: After consulting with another blogging expert, the theme is now “LOVE.” It can be the love between a man and a woman.  Between a man and a man.  Between a woman and a woman.  Between a dog and a Wii controller.  Whatever floats your boats, people.

Enter as many times as you like.

Then next Monday *checks calendar* the 10th, I will list all the entries and put up a poll to select a “winner.” (Even though I don’t think you can say one piece of art is better than another, really.) We need to do a poll, otherwise I would just choose the winner as whichever pretty girl says the most flattering things about me.

No. Really.

Get drabbling!

31 thoughts on “contest… ish

  1. “I would just choose the winner as whichever pretty girl says the most flattering things about me.”

    Good thing this is a fiction contest then, eh?


  2. LL Cool P,

    This is great. I’m in. This whole comment is redundant considering we’ve discussed all of this in email. I just wanted the world to start using the nickname YOU GAVE YOURSELF.

  3. OMG! This exact challenge got me on CBC Radio for serious!

    And then it got me unceremoniously kicked out of the national top five.


    Oh god. And now my mascara is running. IT SAID WATERPROOF GODDAMNIT!

    (I’m in.)

  4. […] enter his Drabble competition all you have to do is write a piece of fiction that’s exactly 100 words. Here’s my entry […]

  5. Hey Peter–Found you through Ben’s site and I’m posting my drabble tomorrow but I don’t have your email address to send it to you. Can you write me so I have it?
    Thanks! Fun contest :)

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