connotations leeriest

just a photo
she’d brush off
with a look
it’s funny
in a way
the light
doesn’t know
quite what to do
with her
you can
dreamy dream-like and
very dangerous
but not scary
which makes her worse
you can’t
stop it
you can only hope to
contain it
constrain it
restrain it
why would you
you wonder
when you let yourself
you wonder
what that moment was
really like
what sorcerer conjured up
that smile
the luring innocence
what genetic jackpot
prized us
those dark warm eyes
you want on you
jealous of where
her gaze lands
hanging on
an unheard word
if you had to
if you had no other choice but
to be trapped in a moment…
ever so slightly blurred
luminous perfection

0 thoughts on “connotations leeriest

  1. \”luring innocence\”? She sounds like a siren, luring unsuspecting men to shipwreck on rocky shores. I\’d stay away from her, if I were you.

  2. See Peter, these are the things you need to SAY to girls. Maybe take them up to a lighthouse and say it. Or tell them in the shower on a Tuesday morning. Or take them in a rowboat and then get caught in the rain and tell them it’s still not over and swoop in for a big kiss.

    I think that last one might have been from the notebook. But still. It worked for them, so you should do it. And then of course, blog about it.

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