Have you ever wondered what would happen if we combined my guilt over not posting for a few days, my almost gleeful willingness to embarrass myself on this site, my being briefly awake at 4 am the other night listening to monsoon rains when an idea struck, and my inner 14 year old girl?

Wonder no longer…

A fairly standard empty threat,
Was now filled to over-flowing.
Cheeks that usually would be wet,
Are without any streaks showing.

What of those peaceful eyes?
The ones that soothed his soul.
What of that lovely face?
That now takes on another role.

It’s the word that comes to mind.
Yet a fear of being left behind.

But, he’ll get just the right words.
And she will never leave.
The perfect turn of phrase,
Will be like a pulling on her sleeve.

Heaping appealing future visions,
With the best of memories past.
Fingers crossed for favourable decisions,
He doesn’t know that die’s been cast.

0 thoughts on “confluence

  1. jenny: You know, you sound like you are very smart and have impeccable taste.

    sybil: Daisy read your comment and curtsied.

    airam: I can’t not be a 14 year old girl, apparently. And if you paid more attention you’d know that!

    *stomp stomp stomp*

    *door slam*

    steph: If you aren’t careful, the rumour is going to get out that you are a romantic.

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