Come here.


I have a secret.

Jsdnsj Stnfnds ne fenkfen o finfendoop.


Fine, I’ll speak up.

*makes sure nobody is watching*

Jessica Stover is taking on Hollywood.

Actually, she is just using a very creative way to get her movie made.

And you could be part of it.

No, not you.


Fine, you too.

I wouldn’t normally mention this, but since all PDDC readers are so intelligent (and attractive) I figured it was safe.

All you have to do is follow this link and all will be unveiled to you.

Go now.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Westside Kef or Tom Bridge or “The Greatest Blog Ever Written” or Captain’s Log.


Now this message will self-destruct.

*fzzzzzzzzzzzt… pop*

Well, that was anti-climactic.

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