club soda and a little salt

He walks out of the bathroom with his shirt in his hand.

“How did it go?” she asks.

“Not great,” he says without looking up from the stain.

“Weird. Red wine usually comes out of white shirts so easily.”

“Really?” he asks.


He finally looks up.


“You like?” she asks.

He does. A lot.

She is wearing a big, puffy white hotel robe.

He sees her jeans and Chicago Bears t-shirt on the bed.

“I like,” he finally manages to half-whisper.


“Especially now that you’ve removed that,” he points to the Bears T as he remembers who he is.

“You loved it.”

“I’m not going to say you don’t… wear it well.”


“So… just the robe?” he smiles.

“Well… these too.” She pulls up the bottom of the robe for a split second to display white boyshorts.

“Oh my…”

“What’s Christmas morning without a little unwrapping?”

“Come here,” he says.


“Come. Here.”

“You come here,” she smiles. Big.

“Now.” He stares at her.

She rolls her eyes. Then she relents and runs towards him and jumps into his arms.

He catches her. He kisses her.

She wraps her legs around him.

And kisses back.

“I don’t even know your last name,” he whispers between kisses.

“You’ll only be screaming my first name,” she purrs.

He carrykisses her over to the bed.

Then drops her on her back.

She gasps.

He smirks.

He opens his pants and lets them fall to the floor. He steps out of them.

She starts to back up away from him on the bed.

“And where are you going?” he asks.

“Wherever I want.”

He grabs her by the ankles and pulls her back.

“You go wherever *I* want, baby,” he growls.

“We’re at baby already are w–?”

He yanks her towards him.

Then he pounces.

He pins his wrists to the bed.

He kisses her neck.

“I never do this with strangers,” she whispers.

“I do,” he says. “All the time.”

She starts to laugh a little, but it turns to a moan as he gets in the right place on top of her.

He pins her two wrists above her head with one hand. He uses the other to open her robe.

He exhales.

After a few seconds, he starts to regain his composure.

Not quickly enough.

She escapes his hold, pushes him over, and scrambles on top of him.

She straddles him.

She lets the robe fall off completely.

She pins his wrists to the bed.

“Sometimes I have to take control,” she says.

“You don’t take control. I give you control.”

“Is that right?” she asks.

“It is.”

She leans over him. Letting her hair fall in his face. She puts her lips to his.

He tries to kiss, but she pulls away.

She stares into his eyes.

She leans in again. He starts to go for another kiss.

She bites his lower lip.


“Too rough?” she asks.


He breaks free from her grasp, picks her up and throws her down on her back.

She moans.


He’s on top of her again.

They kiss.



He kisses her chin.

Down her neck.

He kisses down the middle of her chest.

Her back arches.

She grabs him by the hair.

He kisses down.

She lets out a “Baaaaby…”

He kisses down.

He arrives at her boyshorts.

He takes the top of the underwear in his teeth.

He stares up at her and begins pulling down.


There’s a knock at the door.

“Yes?” he asks impatiently.

“Mommy… Daddy… I had a bad dream,” a little voice replies.

26 thoughts on “club soda and a little salt

  1. This is well-written, as I think all your stuff is, Peter. The control issue, though, is something that always strikes me about your word doodles and your fiction. Most of the control stuff involves the female submission fetish (and whatever, to each their own), but I notice that the male always has control, even emotional control. When she jumps up top, I was excited about the turn of direction. Then when he says “I give you control,” I was like “Oh.” Now – this isn’t to say “you must write this” – not at all. I just wonder if you see it that way, and if so, what you think about it.

  2. I don’t get the same thing that Amanda gets. The control/female submission thing never even crossed my mind. I see more of a playful, “I’m THE man” theme, which works.

    He knows he’s had. Girls always win. Always.

    And I was so TOTALLY hoping they were married! ^_^

    Ever watch “A History of Violence” It’s got Viggo Mortenson and that blonde chick from “Secret Window”. Anyhow, it’s not my favorite movie, but the relationship between the husband & wife is adorable like this. You feel dirty after watching, but it’s just so fun.

  3. like! it! sexy and funny… made we wonder if i’ll be doing the same with my future husband soonish… you know, pretending to be strangers and doing something kinky! haha!

  4. Greatness. To Amanda’s comment, I didn’t see it as control, I saw it as damn sexy. Especially when you find out they are married. If this is how marriage turns out, I’d actually do it. Fantastic story and I should NOT be reading this at work.

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