I like to think of myself as a fairly creative dude (and as a super hero just waiting for his powers to kick in), but when it comes to Christmas, I love tradition.

Like most, my traditions involve certain movies, certain music, and certain foods.

And, of course, certain people.

I would throw the pope down a flight of stairs to get to extend time with my niece even a little bit. Especially at Xmas.

[The ACN told me she is too old for toys and wants more grown up presents this year!]

Basically I want to do the same things the same way every single year.



Starting this year, Amy and I are figuring out how to combine our Christmas wants and (very much welcomed) family commitments

She only lives 1.5 hours away, but it still involves some deft scheduling. Just between you and me, I’m not typically the deftist of schedulers. I am one of those annoying “Oh, we’ll figure it out when the time comes… Arrow is on TV right now” type of people.

It’s okay to want to slap me, if that angries up your Type A blood.

Hey, I have good qualities that make up for it!

I… uhm… I’m tall. I will always wash the dishes. I give tireless back rubs… and my hands only wander a very reasonable amount!

Oh like YOU’RE perfect.

I love my traditions.

Well, except for a recent addition. I read Facebook and constantly wonder “is anyone actually trying to take the Christ OUT OF Christmas?”

But Amy (who is AMAZING in so many ways) has a deep dark secret…

She’s one of those people who has a tidy, colour-coordinated Christmas tree.

I know. I KNOW.

I tell ya, it was a bit jarring to find out. But I reminded myself of her many wonderful qualities (and of how she rocks a fancy dress) and decided to keep her around.

In my family, we have pretty and messy trees. My mother buys everyone a new ornament every year. Cute. Customized. And we keep using the same ornaments (plus new ones) until they start to quite literally fall apart. And then she keeps those old ones in boxes. She still has some of my Snoopy ornaments from when I was a kid. Yes… heh heh… a kid… Suffice it to say, when I help my dad get their ornaments out of the attic, my beard grows, I need to pack a lunch, and calendar pages fly off in a musical montage.

I did not know about Amy’s secret shame until one night when I put on my cutest “I’m trying to talk you into something” face and floated the idea of starting our own tradition of buying each other ornaments.

She flinched.

She asked if the ornaments could be pretty and fit a specific colour scheme.

I cringed.

And she gave in.

One of my 44847 favourite things about Amy is that she fights for what she wants. So I was pretty surprised that I didn’t need to be more convincing.

The reasons she gave were:

1) She thought it was a cute idea.

2) She thought it was hilarious when I said, “There’s no pressure. You just have to find an ornament that captures the very essence of everything I was, am, and ever will be.”

She’s still laughing about it. (And will iMessage my butt to correct the wording of that.)

But, hey, I am being flexible too.

I am working on the greatest Spotify Christmas song playlist EVER.

She asked me if she could make some recommendations for it.

I flinched.

Mostly because her family (like my own) has a tradition of listening to the evil Kenny & Dolly Christmas album.

But I relented. In the spirit of Christmas. And because she is the most excited little Christmas elf.

And, to be honest, I STILL love my playlist, despite the presence of two Mariah Carey songs, Celine Dion and Boney Friggin’ M.

Did you know that there is a Billy Idol version of Jingle Bell Rock? But alas, Spotify doesn’t have it. And you thought that Taylor Swift was the biggest thing missing from that service!


So we’re both getting to follow most of our usual traditions, we’re adding new ones, and we have a pretty spectacular plan to make Christmas even more special. And I am VERY excited about it.

I’m listening to my super amazing Christmas playlist right now.

I am typing to you about the festive season.

I’m about to go over my present lists I basically started in January.

I’m thinking about how Amy has proven herself to be every bit the good gifter that I consider myself to be. (We’re playfully competitive about it… and it will eventually bankrupt us.)

I suppose I’m realizing that the best part of Christmas traditions is adding new and wonderful ones.

With new(ish) and wonderful people.

I am feeling really Christmas-y right now.


Even without Billy Idol.

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