Choose your own adventure…

I don’t really have a post today.


No, no. It’ll be okay. Thankfully I did two yesterday.

The reason being is that I have what we in the business call a “blinding sinus headache.” And it is annoying the creativity out of me.

To make up for this blatant neglect of my loyal readers, I am going to let you pick a topic for tomorrow’s post. Ooooooooooooooh. Exciting, no?

E-mail your favourite of these titles to peterdewolf(at) And tomorrow I’ll write about the one with the most votes. It’s just that easy.


1) “My jihad (small “j”/non-religious version) against Ben Affleck. “
2) “Why I can’t bet on football.”
3) “What if I wrote this post as an angry white rapper… suckas.”
4) “Gilmore girls season premiere”
5) “Another ‘girl I screwed up with during university’ story.”
6) “America: Police force of the world.”
7) “Почему peter настолько sexy?”
8) [Write-in vote.]

The deal with the write-in vote is that if someone comes up with something that amuses me, it totally trumps the voting results. This is a peterocracy… suckas.

I’m going to go pop some sinus pills and watch “How I Met Your Mother.”

0 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure…

  1. Hmmmm…I would have to either vote for “What if I wrote this post as an agry white rapper…suckas” or my write-in votes: “Drunk-Dialing Escapades,” and “MTV Cribs: Peter DeWolf.”

    “How I Met Your Mother” is stellar. Perhaps another write-in vote: “Do you like magic?”

    Clearly, I must be under the impression I have better ideas than you. Foolish…

  2. i believe most of the options are American specifics except the russian looking one where it suspiciously appearing self serving.

    i vote with the international interest: SEX and VIOLENCE.

    will check back later. remind me.

  3. Whatever on earth will you ever do with your life? Seriously. A little introspection never hurt anyone. Try it and get back to me when you find out why Peter exists.

    And leave Ben alone for once; having to deal with starring in such bad movies, and really, he’s a dear.

  4. k-m: How awesome was “Barney” last night? NPH is the king.

    treespotter: I’m actually Canadian. ;)

    sara: I did not really feel that episode. Though LG was spectacularly hot. She actually looks younger.

    LG: I didn’t follow most of that. But, Affleck is a piece of shit. HATES.

    jen: Oh, which ex would that be? Hmmmmmmmm?

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