Choices You Don't Want to Make

They shouldn’t put you in this position.

But, they do.

They shouldn’t ask you to decide.

But, they do.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for having a preference.

But, you do.

One of them you’ve known longer.

And better.

One of them you met more recently.

So, things are more vivid in your memory.

They, like everyone and everything else, each have pros and cons.

They know that you’d feel guilty for choosing.

But, they still want you to.

They don’t have to know.

They just want to.





If one of them would let you off the hook, that could swing things in their favour.

But, neither steps up.

So, you are left with the choice.

You don’t want to hurt anyone…

But, they haven’t left you an out.

You look deep inside.

You remember.

Images flash through your mind.

You smile.

You frown.

You know that waiting will only make it worse.

A feeling washes over you and you say…

“I’m sorry myspace, I am going to have to say that I prefer Facebook.

0 thoughts on “Choices You Don't Want to Make

  1. Fuck em both. I can’t stand either.

    It’s blogging for people with nothing to say, so they repost dick and fart jokes as “Bull(shit)itens” and post a comment or two that might as well be a cell phone text message.

  2. Through that whole post, I thought you were going to be talking about sports. Instead, it was something equally foreign to me. I feel like the last holdout in the myspace resistance. It’s getting harder and harder to say No, yet I don’t even really know why.

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