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I like to think of myself as a fairly creative dude (and as a super hero just waiting for his powers to kick in), but when it comes to Christmas, I love tradition. Like...

dude looks like a lady

The ACN met her fundraising goal for the Relay for Life, so her Dad had to put on a dress and walk downtown in their town! For next year there is talk of purple...

STILL the best day of the year!

Seven years ago I wrote my favourite blog post ever. The little munchkin is TWELVE today! And she’s going clothes shopping for her birthday.

my weekend in sound bites

my weekend in sound bites

Peter: Are you Uncle Pete’s girl this visit? ACN: *shakes her head no* Peter: Are you [grand mother]’s girl? ACN: Yeeeaaah. Peter: Nooooo. ACN: *giggles* Peter: Are you mad because I missed talking to...