Can it still be considered "Retail Therapy" if I was already in a good mood and just wanted some new shit?

After waaaay more debate and research than I am willing to cop to, I have finally ordered my new official baseball cap. I can tell you are all very excited.

And here it is:

I had to stick with the Blue Jays again. I just didn’t realize that there were 548,754 different types of Blue Jays caps.

I also, with an assist from Christie, ordered a couple of t-shirts!

Ooooooooooooooooooooh. Even I’M going to want to seduce me in those. It would probably go a little something like this:

Peter: You look good tonight.

Peter: I feel terrible. Unshaven. Hair is a mess.

Peter: It’s natural-looking.

Peter: Yeah right. I’m going to get some sleep.

Peter: But, I was thinking…

Peter: Oh, I KNOW what you were thinking.

Peter: It’s been a while…

Peter: Well, maybe if you talked to me once in a while.

Peter: I’m talking to you right now.

Peter: You can’t just turn it on and off. What do you take me for? A whore??

Peter: I wouldn’t say that. Though if you were a city in southwest France, you’d be Toulouse.

Peter glares at Peter.

Peter: OK. Humour clearly wasn’t the way to go. I know that now.

Peter: Good. Night.


It would actually go like this:

Peter: You wan–

Peter: Yes.

0 thoughts on “Can it still be considered "Retail Therapy" if I was already in a good mood and just wanted some new shit?

  1. I love how you have a hard time scoring with yourself…

    It’s not retail therapy when you are in a good mood, it’s preventative care.

  2. lspoon: There was also a couple of Tobias t-shirt. Including an “analrapist” one!

    sharnee: Now it’s my head too!

    michelle ann: I know that I am a catch, so I make myself work… for me.

  3. Of COURSE its retail therapy….it made you happier right? :) I can always justify shopping. ALWAYS. Well. Until i realize i dont have a job and have no money….

    You’re tough on yourself. I think the two of you need to go to couples therapy. Maybe that would help? :)

  4. Feel free to send me the Arrested Development tee-shirts along with those Canadian chocolate bars.

    (By the time August comes around, you are going to have to rent a U-Haul to send everything that I want from up north.)

  5. tricks are what whores do for money… or cocaine.

    I’m wearing the dress I could seduce myself with today. Sometimes it makes me catch myself humming “these boobs are made for walking…” and I’m just glad no one knows those are the words I’m thinking.

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