bossy little chicks to the left of me, bossy little chicks to my right…

Friday: The ACN, her mommy, and Nipper came down for the weekend. They made the trip so that we could all help The Monkey and her Dad put up their Xmas tree.  So, Friday night we all gathered Chez Monkey.  Annnnd she made us all wait 20 minutes while she finished up chatting with friends on MSN.

The Monkey Dad spent much of that time trying to get the angel on top of the tree.  Because of the height of the tree, and stubborness of the winged dame, this was not an easy process.  He finally got it into a position that he could mostly tolerate.  And then The Monkey sauntered in, eating a chocolate Pop-tart without a plate — and plunked down in a chair opposite the tree.

“You know, *munch munch* I don’t really like that angel.”

“You want it gone?” The Monkey Dad asked.


He yoinked it down.

The decorating went smoothly.  And eventually evolved into The Monkey playing Xmas songs on her electric keyboard.  Then she set it to “auto play” and sillily pretended she was playing more complicated songs as she danced around.

The ACN and I left a little before that.  She had put on a couple of ornaments (after saying no to the first twenty or so locations on the tree I had offered as places to put them)  and was ready to bolt.

We arrived home and noticed that some random broad had messaged us on my pc.   I told the ACN who it was.

ACN: Hi!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!

Peter: Sweetiepie, she is on the computer, not the phone.

ACN: Hi!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!  Hi!

Peter: Ohhhhhh.  You wanted me to type and tell her you say “Hi?”

ACN: Yeeeeaaaaah.

The Monkey went Xmas shopping with my mom and sister.  She has decided that she is doing the Xmas shopping this year on behalf of her and her dad.  (Force of nature, that one.)  So, he put some cash in her savings account and she has been hitting stores with her debit card in her purse and her list in her hand.

And when she gets to the cashier, she crosses each item off her list as the cashier rings it up.  It doesn’t amtter if there is nobody behind her in line, or hundreds of people.   They went in to one store, and the sales girl was very friendly.  When they left, The Monkey turned to my sister and said, “That one’s a talker.”

At one point during the day, my mother caught The Monkey whacking my sister with her purse while they strolled up the sidewalk.  My mother had to “Kids!” them.  And my thirty-something sister later admitted, “I hit her first.”

The ACN, knowing that they are all loons, decided to spend the day hanging out with Uncle Pete and Grandpa.   By noon she admitted that she was sick of the boys and looking forward to when the girls got home.

At some point during the afternoon, The ACN looked tired.  So, I asked her if she wanted to take a nap.  “Yeeeaah.”  In your bed?   Nope.  “In my bed?”  “Yeah!”

So, I put her in my bed and got her all cozy.  I asked if I could go watch TV.  She just laughed at that idea.  I was told that I had to lie on top of the covers next to her and keep her company.

I cuddled up bside her and smiled.

Peter: You are cute.

*thwaaap* Her elbow hit my nose.

After an hour of her elbowing and punching me in the face, shoudlers and back, I finally said, “You didn’t really want to take a nap, did you?”

“Hee hee hee.”

Sunday: We all hung out together again.  We watched the video of The ACN’s recent Xmas concert.   She loved it.  And she loved watching it.  She sang at the same parts and kicked her feet excitedly at the same parts.   She was very smiley.  SOOOOO fun.  We watched it three times.  (I am still grinning like a foool as I type this.)

The Monkey and my mom wrapped some of The Monkey’s shopping bounty from the day before.  My mother can get chatty, so in the middle of wrapping she was telling a story.  The Monkey, holding wrapping paper in place, looked at her for two seconds before saying, “Tape, wo-man!”  (In a cute goofy, non-bratty way.)

As previously mentioned, The ACN loves her some Rachael Ray “30 Minute Meals.”  But, after having watched 15 or so episodes, Uncle Pete decided, that during their afternoon cuddle in a recliner together, they’d watch the Raptors game.

The ACN disagreed.  Vocally.

There was an “Unc!”  Then something like a “GRRR.”  Then general yelling and throwing her head back and trying to get out of my arms.

Peter: Is there something the matter, little one?

ACN: Yeah!

Peter: Hungry?

ACN shakes her head “No.”

Peter: Thirsty?

ACN shakes her head “No.”

Peter: Have to poooooop?

ACN shakes her head “No.”  (Though she later realized that making me take her to the bathroom would get her out of watching the game.)

Peter: Upset that they canceled “Eli Stone?”

ACN shakes her head “No.”

Peter: Ohhhh.  You want to watch Rachael?

ACN: Yeah!!!

Peter: Nope.  Raptors.

ACN shakes her head “No.”

Peter: You like the Raptors.  I bought you the jersey when you were little!

ACN shakes her head “No.”

Peter: Munhkin, you are not cheering for the other team.

ACN: Yeah!!!!!!

As the game went on…

Peter: Son of a bitch!  Someone grab a rebound!!!

ACN: Hee hee hee

Peter: Grumble… grumble… asshole ref!

ACN laughs hysterically.

An hour later, she was on her way home, giggling and sitting in the backseat of her car, Nipper curled up beside her, watching Rachael Ray on her DVD player.

And the Raptors were losing the game.

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  1. Now this is Christmas… bossy chicks and all!

    Oh… and be glad it was just MSN and the Monkey wasn’t texting her friends the whole day – now that can get annoying!

  2. Pete- You are aware (aren’t you?! Don’t deny it!)that you surround yourself with bossy chicks on purpose ’cause you LIKE it when they tell you what to do…

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