borrowing all the hours that you gave to me

She rolls her eyes at the flickering lights from the 42″ LCD TV in the otherwise dark bedroom.  She reaches for her iPhone.

She checks her gmail.  “You emailed me after I fell asleep?  You’re very cute.”

“Yup.  I know.”

He rolls over and spoons her.  She lets out a sweet little moansigh.

He buries his nose in the back of her neck.  It tickles.  She does that thing she does, where she scrunches her neck down and her shoulders go up.

He gently rubs down the outside of her arm.

“I’m checking work email now, you.”

“That’s super,” he whispers in her ear.

He traces her tattoo.  Lovingly.

“Change your mind about tattoos on women?” she asks.

“Ehhh.  Not really.  But you could put a picture of Hitler on this skin and it would still be delicious.”

“Funny.  That was my second choice.”

He takes the iPhone from her hands.

“But, I–”

“Shhhhh,” he shhhhhs.  “Little spoons are supposed to be quieter.”

He goes to put her iPhone on the bedside table, but takes a closer look at it.

“Do you have Brick Breaker on this thing?” he asks.

“I thought you wanted me to pay attention to you.”

She turns her head and kisses him.  Softly.  Sweetly.  Full of hints at so much more.

“Oh!” she exclaims.  “Want to see the pictures from my office party?”

“You know, that is exactly what I want right now.”

“Shut up.”

She excitedly smushes her cheek against his and starts showing him photos.

“That’s Steve, the new guy.”

“The guy with the crush on you?”

“He doesn’t have a crush on me.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Awwww.  Is someone jealous and possessive?” she asks.

“Is this your first time meeting me?”

“I kinda love it.”

“Well, sure.  It’s great for you.  You get flattered.  I get an ulcer.”

She slides down the bed and gives him a long, soft kiss on his stomach.

“That help?” she asks.

He nods.

“Good!”  She slides back up him until they are face to face again.

“I’m still… a bit ulcery, I think.”

“Oh, look.  I redecorated my office yesterday.”

He takes the iPhone from her hands.  He stealthily takes a picture of her.

“I look terrible,” she pulls the sheet over her face.

“Absolutely never.”

“Stop,” she whispers.


He pulls the sheets down a little.

“Make that face I love.”

“What face?” she asks.

“You know.”

She does.

She shakes her head.  Then she lightly bites her lower lip and does that thing with her eyes.  She makes them look all hopeful and wondrous and shy and sexy and…

He melts.


But he manages to take a picture.

He pulls the sheet down to her hips.  He pulls the bottom of her white tank top up to mid-stomach level.

He takes another picture.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asks.

He pulls the sheets down completely.  He turns her on her side a little, so her lacy black boy shorts are more visible.  He bends one of her legs.

He takes a picture.

“Having fun?” she asks.  In a whisper.

He pulls her tank top up and off.  She doesn’t fight it.  He puts the corner of the sheet across her breasts. Just so that they are barely covered.

He takes a picture.

She stares at him.

He slides his hands up her smooth legs.  He takes her underwear and pulls them down.

Slowly, but decisively.

She moans.  A little.  She tries to hide it.

It doesn’t work.

He covers what needs covering with a bit more of the sheet.

He takes another pic.

He kisses her.  She kisses back.  Hungrily.

He breaks the kiss.  He pulls her up and then turns her over.

“No,” she almost protests.

He positions her so that she is on her stomach, with her knees bent and feet in the air.  Nothing is really visible.

Except for her perfect ass.

That he caresses for a few moments.

He takes another picture.

“One more,” he says.

She rolls over on her back.  She moves the sheets away.  She leaves her arms at her sides.

She stares at him.

He takes a picture.

She sits up.  She takes his boxers and slides them off.

Slowly, but decisively.

She pushes him down on his back.

She climbs on top of him.

“What are you going to do with these photos?” she asks.

“I don’t know…  screensaver for my computer at work?”

She hits him on the arm.  Hard.  “I’m going to kick your ass.  I hate you.”

“I love you.”

She gasps.  A little.

She leans down and kisses him.  Passionately.

Her hair falls in his face.

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  1. *swoon*

    It’s freezing cold outside and this was JUST the thing I needed after arriving at work at 6 o’dark in the morning.

    *shivers of pent up sexual tension*

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