boring style over non-existent substance

A partial list of things that Cranky Pete likes right now:

– You
– Liverpool starting the season 2-0
– That feisty little bulldog Joe Biden.

A partial list of things that Cranky Pete does NOT like right now:

– You
– Those assholes in the eharmony commercials
– “Mad Men”

I don’t get AMC on my dish, so I haven’t been watching Mad Men. I recently obtained the first season (through completely legal means) and watched the first episode and a half.

What the hell is the hype about?

Granted, it may get better in later episodes. It would have to. But, it is borderline unwatchable so far.

Just about every character is a cliche. And not a very interesting one.

Lead dude is supposed to be soo cool. “Oh, we have to show that he is a tortured war vet. What to do? Let’s have him holding a Purple Heart with his name on the case.”

*golf claps*


Also, the show is set in the early 60s. I get it! Things were different then? Really? Well, I’ll be jiggered.

“Ooooh we smoked while we were pregnant.” “Workplace sexual harassment is fun!”

Who gives a flipping flying fuck?

I do like Draper’s wife. She is the only interesting character on the show, and she’s been on the screen for about 14 minutes so far.

I will try to watch more episodes, you know, if I can stay awake.

Why are so many people talking about this show, while so few are talking about “Generation Kill?”

Now THAT was brilliant.

Don Draper’s a douche.

0 thoughts on “boring style over non-existent substance

  1. Thank you. All the hype about “Mad Men” has made me feel like I’m missing out. Now I can just tell myself that I’m not. I don’t need to be addicted to a new show.

    And that “feisty little bulldog” line cracked me up. :-)

  2. stefanie: Watch “Generation Kill!”

    sidewayspaininthebutt: I am jealous of people who wisely haven’t sat through any of that sucking suckfest.

  3. i fell asleep the first time i tried to watch Mad Men. I don’t get the hype it bored the crap out of me.

    Joe Biden is awesome. Good to see you have good taste :)

  4. Perhaps a little horny residents doing each other in the supply room of an emergency room will do it for you? The main doctor is really hot.. they call him McDreamy. It starts back up in a few weeks though episodes can be seen online. Perhaps you should try that?

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