Molly Moose

A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to create something special for The ACN for Christmas.  So I wrote a childrens book.

I got my uber talented cartoonist friend Kevin LeBlanc to do the illustrations.  I was super pleased with how it turned out.

I got a printed copy of it a little late for Christmas, but The ACN cuddled with me the day it arrived and let me read it to her.  I think she mostly did it because I was so excited.  She smiled and laughed as I read it.

And then never let me read it to her again.

I asked.  Nope.

I begged.  Nope.

I asked if she liked it.   Nope.

I asked if it was a good present.  Nope.

And then she let everyone else read it to her behind my back and loved it.

The little poop.

This is quite possibly the cutest children’s book EVER.  No, wait, it definitely is.  Molly Moose wanders away from home and gets lost in the forest.  All kinds of animal friends from different countries help guide her home — and let her sample dishes from their native lands.  (Be warned though that the words “poop,” “bum” and “booger” appear.)

You can buy it here from

molly moose

One thought on “Molly Moose

  1. I didn’t no u wrote Peter!!!! YAY! Did u write it for Ali???? ahahaha sounds good, i wanna buy the book but moms a poop. u no how she is!

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