I shaved this morning.

I wasn’t going to, but I was getting pretty beard-y.

In my haste, I grabbed my beard clipper dealies and zapped off my sideburns a little higher than I planned. I even had a tiny bit of a tan line. On my face. In the winter. In Canada.


The fairly minor change in sideburn length seemed to make a bigger difference than I would have expected. I looked different. Older… or younger. My face looked fatter… or skinnier.

(I’d be awesome working as a witness with a police sketch artist, eh?)

I didn’t like it.

So, I took my shower.

*shower shower shower*

Then, I got out and looked in the mirror and discovered…

That I totally liked the new sideburns.

I am not sure what happened to change my mind. Maybe they needed to be combined with messy wet hair. (Messy dry hair didn’t float their boat apparently.)

But, then I stared in the mirror for too long and didn’t recognize myself anymore. Have you ever done that? I was still crushing on myself, but I felt a bit like I was looking at a stranger.


Well, I have things to do. I am listening to 80s music — Rock Me Amadeus indeed — and half-considering having a large bag of potato chips for lunch.

I am also checking your blogs using You should use it. It is a metric tonne of awesome.

0 thoughts on “Boo-urns!

  1. I’ve gone the route of no sideburns, short sideburns, sideburns with moustache and goatee, and my current full sideburns. Never tried muttonchops, doubt I could actually grow em anyway.

    I have discovered though, that the effect the amount of facial hair has on one’s appearance is fairly significant. Kinda like wearing glasses vs. contacts. Takes surprisingly little to significantly alter one’s appearance.

  2. Sideburns do make a big difference. Think Elvis and Abe Lincoln.

    And wait, you don’t shower with your baseball cap on? Huh.

  3. stormin’: Guilty as charged. :)

    james: I am toying with the idea of a big honkin’ fu manchu. Thankfully I am just toying.

    eve: Showering and sleeping are the only times I take my cap off. Granted, those two combined can take up 50% of my day.

    erika: Bloglines rules!

  4. What’s so great about bloglines? I signed up for it months ago, never looked at it again. The page didn’t appeal to me visually so I never bothered to see what it was all about.

    If Erika is reading this, you can track bloglines! It dossn’t show up on “site meter” but it shows up on “feedburner” as visits from other sites.

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