Bone-ability ranking of characters on Gossip Girl

1- Serena van der Woodsen – Freak of nature. Come ON.

2- Lily van der Woodsen – I hope that she keeps her hair in a bun whilst in the boudoir. She’s a MrrrrowwwrrrrrrrrILF.

3- Vanessa Abrams – I… just think she’s prrretty.

4- Dorota – Seems like she comes from sturdy Eastern European stock. And she looks like she wouldn’t shy away from a riding crop. Mmmm hmmmm.

5- Hazel – Every list needs a cute little tete rouge.

6- Blair Waldorf – Not feeling the head bands.

7- Nate Archibald – He’s got kind eyes.

8- Penelope – She looks like the type that will do you in your Ford F-150, then steal your wallet, and leave a naked picture of herself on your phone. Come to think of it, why isn’t she higher on this list?

0 thoughts on “Bone-ability ranking of characters on Gossip Girl

  1. you left off little j!

    top of my list = chuck. The dark mysterious jerk who i know is going to break my heart but still….that husky voice of his just…*swoon*

  2. Chuck is so so so yummy and I have a huge girl crush on Blair.

    Dorota should have her own show. Yea, I love her that much.

    Nate= boring

    Dan= hot, but too nice. Unlike Chuck, he’d probably be too afraid to pull my hair. Oops… did I just type that out loud.

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