blowing away blog blockades and barracades make ya black and blue from the blast and the blaze

When I am feeling bloggy, I can typically just sit down, crack open my WordPress dealie and start typing.  Stuff comes out.

When I am feeling VERY bloggy, entire blog posts pop into my head while I am showering, sitting down, watching TV, etc.

Lately I haven’t been feeling bloggy.  (I did “start” a new novel though!)

I have even been checking my blog post draft folder.    And this is what I’ve found:

Random rambling:

“I don’t get stalkers,” I told her.  “I could never be one.  I came to that realization when I was sitting in the bushes outside an ex-girlfriend’s house.  I was sipping coffee from a thermos and replacing the battery in my night vision goggles.”


“I’m kidding,” I assured her.


“I really am.”  I continued.  “I don’t drink coffee.”

It dawned on me that this might not be the right setting for such a discussion.

It was a first date.

And she was a cop.

It also dawned on me that maybe not everyone totally gets my sense of humour.

The beginning of a half-assed word doodle:

Dreaming about kissing you
felt better than any real kisses
And it sucks.
And I love it.
And it is frustrating.
And I wouldn’t change a thing
about it.

And a single line that I don’t recall writing:

“I promise not to refer to my junk as a “stimulus package” anymore.”

See?  Nothin’.

Also I can’t get Fastball’s 1998 classic “Out of My Head,” well, out of my head.

0 thoughts on “blowing away blog blockades and barracades make ya black and blue from the blast and the blaze

  1. I love that song.

    And I love that word doodle beginning. And your sense of humor. (Love love love!)

    I could use a stimulus package right about now! (Erm, not that kind.) (Well, actually…) ;)

  2. Oh man I wish I could be writing a novel. Forget being bloggy. I’m never feeling bloggy but I’m sure readers can tell. And I’m stealing your stimulus package line. Just an FYI. ;)

  3. I doodle a lot and recently came across a note I made myself:

    “total weight of population / number of virgins per square mile”

    I’m not entirely sure what this equation was supposed to equal, but I bet it was profound.

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