Blogging: The Comic Strip #1

A while back, I had an idea for a comic strip all about blogging and the internet.

Despite the fact that drawing is soooo not my thing, I decided to start writing the strips anyway.  I’m fun like that.  I suppose my hope was that I’d eventually find someone who could draw these little stories that existed only in my head.

Finally Jenn (@bottlethecrazy) took pity on me and agreed to illustrate my ideas.

This is the very first one!

We’re going to be posting them here regularly.  There are even going to be some special guests.  You never know who will show up.  Maybe you…  In the near future Ben (@Bboudreau) and Jenn (@jenniferalaine) drop in to visit our stars.

Speaking of, here’s a little bit of a primer about the dudes:

Steve has a blog.  He’s also on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Fourquare, Tumblr, Instagram, ThisIsMyJam, GetGlue, Stumbleupon, and every other social media site imaginable.

Dave thinks technology peaked when someone discovered how to write “BOOBIES” on a calculator.

So here it is.  Strip #1.

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