Blogcation day… Done??


You get no blogcation post.  Doniree and I had a scheduling conflict.  You can go visit her blog anyway.  I suppose.

I want to thank all the lovely bloggers who let me play on their blogs.  You guys are awesome.  I want to thank everyone who left comments.  And I want to thank everyone who read the posts.  Granted I don’t want to thank you as much as I do the people who left comments.  You’re just so lazy.


Yesterday found me posting on Ben’s blog! I didn’t bring nearly as much awesome as I wanted, but you’ll learn stuff by reading it.


Alexa hosted on Wednesday! I may have broken her blog a little.


On Tuesday, I was hanging out at brandy’s house! Who vacations in Alberta? Good question.


On Monday, tia allowed me to kick off her BIG Comeback with a rambly post. Go. Check it out!


On Friday, Jenn from You’ll Grow To Love Me (NOT an ironic blog title) is hosting Day #2 of my Blogcation.

You should go read it!


On Thursday, Jenn (from was kind enough to let my post my first of 7 guestposts at the home of the Jennasaurus Rex!

It’s a word doodle.

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